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(Vol. 2):    5:Electric Charges and Fields    6:Gauss's Law    7:Electric Potential    8:Capacitance    9:Current and Resistance    10:Direct-Current Circuits    11:Magnetic Forces and Fields    12:Sources of Magnetic Fields    13:Electromagnetic Induction    14:Inductance    15:Alternating-Current Circuits    16:Electromagnetic Waves


Chapter 9 edit

Current and Resistance edit

Current (1A=1C/s)   where   (density, charge, drift velocity) of the carriers.

▭   ,   is the perpendicular area, and   is current density.   is electric field, where   is resistivity.
▭ Resistivity varies with temperature as  . Similarily,   where   is resistance (Ω)
▭ Ohm's law   ▭  Power  

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Electric current: 1 Amp (A) = 1 Coulomb (C) per second (s)

Current= , where

  = (density, charge, speed, Area)

  where   =current density.

  = electric field where   = resistivity

 , and  ,

where   is resistance

  and Power=