OpenStax University Physics/E&M/Alternating-Current Circuits

(Vol. 2):    5:Electric Charges and Fields    6:Gauss's Law    7:Electric Potential    8:Capacitance    9:Current and Resistance    10:Direct-Current Circuits    11:Magnetic Forces and Fields    12:Sources of Magnetic Fields    13:Electromagnetic Induction    14:Inductance    15:Alternating-Current Circuits    16:Electromagnetic Waves


Chapter 15 edit

Alternating-Current Circuits edit

RLC circiut

AC voltage and current   if  
▭ RMS values   and   ▭ Impedance  

▭ Resistor   where  
▭ Capacitor   where   ▭ Inductor   where  
▭ RLC series circuit   where   and  
▭ Resonant angular frequency   ▭ Quality factor  
▭ Average power  , where   for a resistor.
▭ Transformer voltages and currents  

For quiz at QB/d_cp2.15 edit

AC voltage and current   if  
RMS values   and  
Resistor   where  
Capacitor   where  
Inductor   where  
RLC series circuit   where   and  
Resonant angular frequency  
Quality factor  
Average power  
Transformer voltages and currents