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About this page: This archived sample illustrates how I taught a two semester course in the past. These tests could not be used by other instructors because I had no easy way to post alternate exams on Wikiversity. This page should be deleted when I get classroom-ready exams online for others to use. Perhaps this will be done by January 2019.--Guy vandegrift (discusscontribs) 21:01, 13 August 2018 (UTC)

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First semester study guides edit

These study guides are pdf files that should be downloaded and saved for use if the internet is unavailable. They also have 100% secure images. After opening link click "Original file". The quizzes are permalinks.

Study guides (PDF): Test 1      Test 2      Test 3      Test 4

Test 1 (first semester) edit

2 questions from Physics_equations/02-One_dimensional_kinematics/Q:definitions

2 questions from Physics_equations/02-One_dimensional_kinematics/Q:equations FE*

3 questions from How_things_work_college_course/Motion_simple_arithmetic

2 questions from Physics_equations/03-Two-Dimensional_Kinematics/Q:2Dmotion FE*

2 questions from Physics_equations/03-Two-Dimensional_Kinematics/Q:SmithTrain

4 questions from How_things_work_college_course/Conceptual_physics_wikiquizzes/Velocity_and_acceleration FE*

Test 2 (first semester) edit

2 questions from Physics_equations/04-Dynamics:_Force_and_Newton%27s_Laws/Q:sled FE*

3 questions from Physics_equations/04-Dynamics:_Force_and_Newton%27s_Laws/Q:tensions

2 questions from Physics_equations/04-Dynamics:_Force_and_Newton%27s_Laws/Q:forces FE*

3 questions from Physics_equations/05-Friction,_Drag,_and_Elasticity/Q:thirdLaw

3 questions from Physics_equations/06-Uniform_Circular_Motion_and_Gravitation/Q:friction FE*

2 questions from Physics_equations/06-Uniform_Circular_Motion_and_Gravitation/Q:derive

Test 3 (first semester) edit

2 questions from Physics_equations/07-Work_and_Energy/Q:cart1

2 questions from Physics_equations/07-Work_and_Energy/Q:cart2 FE*

2 questions from Physics_equations/a07energy_lineIntegral FE*

2 questions from Physics_equations/08-Linear_Momentum_and_Collisions/Q:oneDcollision FE*

3 questions from Physics_equations/09-Statics_and_Torque/Q:torques

2 questions from Physics_equations/10-Rotational_Motion_and_Angular_Momentum/Q:dynamics FE*

2 questions from Physics_equations/11-Fluid_statics/Q:buoyantForce FE*

Test 4 (first semester) edit

2 questions from Physics_equations/12-Fluid_dynamics/Q:pipeDiameterChange FE*

2 questions from Physics_equations/13-Temperature,_Kinetic_Theory,_and_Gas_Laws/Q:rmsMomentumTransfer

2 questions from Physics_equations/14-Heat_and_Heat_Transfer/Q:SpecificHeatEnergyConductivity FE*

2 questions from Physics_equations/15-Thermodynamics/Q:heatEngine FE*

2 questions from How_things_work_college_course/Waves_(Physics_Classroom)

2 questions from Physics_equations/16-Oscillatory_Motion_and_Waves/Q:amplitudes

3 questions from Physics_equations/16-Oscillatory_Motion_and_Waves/Q:CALCULUS FE*

Final exam (first semester) edit

The final exam consists of one question taken randomly from each of the 15 quizzes shown above labeled with *FE at the end, plus additional problem(s) not on the study guide.

Second semester study guides edit

Study guides (pdf): Test 1      Test 2      Test 3      Test 4      

Tests 1 and 2 are not quite right.

Test 1 (second semester) edit

1 from Physics_equations/07-Work_and_Energy/Q:lineIntegral

2 from Physics equations/18-Electric charge and field/Q:findE *FE

6 from Physics equations/18-Electric charge and field/Q:lineChargesCALCULUS *FE

3 from Physics equations/19-Electric Potential and Electric Field/Q:UsingGaussLaw Ignore in study guide and skip on test. Replace by:

1 from : 1 from

Test 2 (second semester) edit

2 from Physics equations/19-Electric Potential and Electric Field/Q:KE&PE *FE

2 from Physics equations/19-Electric Potential and Electric Field/Q:MoreGreenlikeSourceIntegrals Strike from study guide (empty test} Replace with:

2 from Physics_equations/19-Electric_Potential_and_Electric_Field/Q:SurfaceIntegralsCalculus *FE

2 from Physics equations/20- Electric Current, Resistance, and Ohm's Law/Q:PowerDriftVelocity *FE

6 from Electric Circuit Analysis/Circuit Analysis Quiz 1/Electric Circuit Analysis quiz 1 *FE

Test 3 (second semester) edit

3 from Physics equations/21-Circuits, Bioelectricity, and DC Instruments/Q:circuits *FE

1 from Physics equations/21-Circuits, Bioelectricity, and DC Instruments/Q:RCdecay

3 from Physics equations/22-Magnetism/Q:AmpereLaw *FE

2 from Physics equations/22-Magnetism/Q:AmpereLawCALC *FE

3 from Physics equations/22-Magnetism/Q:forces *FE

We might add Electric Field by Gauss Law question? *FE

Test 4 (second semester) edit

1 from Physics equations/23-Electromagnetic Induction, AC Circuits, and Electrical Technologies/Q:spaceTetherAndSimpleLoop *FE

2 from Physics equations/24-Electromagnetic Waves/Q:displacementCurrent *FE

4 from Physics equations/25-Geometric Optics/Q:image *FE

3 from Physics equations/25-Geometric Optics/Q:thinLens *FE

2 from Physics equations/25-Geometric Optics/Q:vision *FE

Final Exam (second semester) edit

The final exam consists of all questions marked *FE, plus additional problem(s) not on this study guide.

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