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Motivation and emotion (Book)
Understanding and improving our motivational and emotional lives using psychological science




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This project consists of 1000+ student-developed online book chapters about motivation and emotion topics.

The theme of the book is:

How can we improve our motivational and emotional lives based on psychological science (theory and research)?

The project is distinguished by:

  • being dynamic and constantly evolving
  • creating open educational resources
  • using open academic principles
  • engaging students in collaborative authorship
  • making over 1000+ free, online chapters about specific motivation and emotion topics available
  • each chapter is accompanied by multimedia overviews

The student-produced work is developed and shared via Wikiversity, a public wiki platform supported by the Wikimedia Foundation. The students engaged in this learning and assessment exercise have done so as a learning and assessment exercise for the 3rd year undergraduate psychology unit, motivation and emotion, at the University of Canberra (2010 - present).

For more information about how the project works from a practical educational psychology perspective, see this draft paper: Collaborative online book chapter authoring using Wikiversity.

Or read about the 2021 highlights in this Twitter thread.

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