Motivation and emotion/Book/2018

Understanding and improving our motivational and emotional lives
using psychological science (2018)

Motivation edit

  1. Adolescent educational motivation - How can we enhance adolescents' school motivation?   - Louise Wheeler
  2. Anorexia nervosa and intrinsic motivation - What intrinsic motivational factors contribute to anorexia nervosa? - Rubykentwell
  3. Assisted dying motivation - What are the motivations for requesting assisted dying in people with terminal illness?  - Kelly.ng988
  4. Behavioural activation and motivation - How can behavioural activation help to maintain motivation to achieve desired goals? - Luke o'mahoney
  5. Behavioural automaticity - What are the pros and cons of behavioural automaticity? - U3099910
  6. Chronic pain and maladaptive behaviour - How does the experience of chronic pain contribute to maladaptive behaviour? - U3092381
  7. Climate change and consumer behaviour motivation - What motivates consumer behaviours that help mitigate climate change? - Lamia J S
  8. Confirmation bias motivation - What is CB and how does it influence our motivation and decision-making? - U3119308
  9. Counterproductive work behaviour - What motivates CWB and what are its consequences?  - JamesDrury
  10. Curiosity - What is it? What are its pros and cons? - U3115249
  11. Educational motivation in Indigenous Australians - What are the key educational motivators for Indigenous Australians? - U3155743
  12. Ego depletion and motivation - What is ego depletion, how does it affect motivation, and how can it be managed? - U3158715
  13. Elder abuse motivation - What motivates elder abuse and what can be done about it? - u3016230
  14. Endorphins and motivation - How do endorphins affect motivation? - u3073945
  15. Familicide motivation - What motivates people to kill members of their family?   - U3160212
  16. Gambling addiction motivation - What motivates gambling addiction and what can be done about it?   - Lauren.ianson
  17. Gender fluidity motivation - What motivates gender fluidity?   - U3154928
  18. Gender transformation motivation - What motivates gender transformation?  - Reet josan
  19. Goal setting techniques - How do different goal setting techniques influence motivation and goal success?  - Chantellej_12
  20. Goal sharing and goal pursuit - How does sharing one's goals with others affect goal pursuit?  - Kunal Kumar - University of Canberra
  21. Growth mindset and challenge - How does a growth mindset approach challenge? - U31455
  22. Growth mindset development - How can a growth mindset be developed?  - U3065721
  23. Impulse buying motivation - What motivates impulse buying?  - Ju3141393
  24. Live stream viewing motivation - What motivates people to view and participate in live streams? - U3173298
  25. Loss aversion - Why is the motivation to avoid loss stronger than the motivation to seek gain and what are the consequences?  - Lucy Hanrahan
  26. Meat-eating motivation - What motivates people to eat meat? - Con Stev
  27. Mental illness identity motivation - What motivates some people to adopt a mental-illness-based identity?  - BB7897
  28. Mindfulness and addiction - How can mindfulness affect addiction?  - U3143109
  29. Mindfulness and sporting performance - What is the effect of mindfulness on sporting performance?  - U3148143
  30. Motivation to learn - What drives the motivation to learn and how can it be fostered?   - Muhammad M Rahman
  31. Motivation to leave domestic abuse relationships - How does domestic abuse affect motivation to leave a relationship?   - U3067591
  32. Parental investment theory - What does PIT suggest about romantic and sexual attraction?  - Yasmin Dinneen
  33. Passion and motivation - What is the role of passion in motivation? - U3153997
  34. Sensation seeking and rock climbing - What role does sensation seeking play in the motivation for rock climbing?  - U3114099
  35. Self-concordance theory and motivation - What is self-concordance, how does it influence motivation, and how can self-concordant goals be fostered?   - U3122470
  36. Self-perception theory and motivation for positive change - What is self-perception theory and how can it be used to motivate positive change behaviour? - Emily Ewart
  37. Self-regulated learning - What is self-regulated learning, how can it be fostered, and what are its impacts on educational outcomes?  - U3160382
  38. Sexting motivation - What motivates sexting?  - U3117719
  39. Suicidality across the lifespan - How does suicidality vary across the lifespan? - NicoleDawnK
  40. Suicidality in the elderly - What are the main contributing factors to suicidality in the elderly and what preventative strategies can be recommended? - Phillip McKeough
  41. Surrogate motherhood motivation - What motivates some women to act as surrogate mothers?   - U3052612
  42. Voluntary missing person motivation - Why do some people voluntarily go missing?  - Abbsu3163507

Emotion edit

  1. Abortion and emotion - What are the emotional effects of abortion?  - Dainaw
  2. Affective computing - What is affective computing and how can it be used?  - U3114890
  3. Alcohol addiction and emotional growth - How does alcohol addiction affect emotional growth?  - Chris M Corcoran
  4. Anger evolution - How and why did anger evolve and what are the implications?  - U3102039
  5. Anterior cingulate cortex and emotion - What is the role of the anterior cingulate cortex in emotion?   - Steven William Morrison
  6. Anxiety neurobiology - What are the neurobiological components of anxiety? - U3155684
  7. Arousal and sporting performance - How does emotional arousal affect sporting performance? - JonathanUps
  8. Autonomic nervous system and emotion - What role does the ANS play in the experience of emotion? - U3160678
  9. Bereavement and emotion - What emotions are involved in bereavement and how can they be managed? - U3160397
  10. Betrayal and emotion - What are the emotional effects of betrayal and what can be done about it?  - U3163566
  11. Body image and emotional well-being - How does body image influence one's emotional well being?  - U3158773
  12. Broken-heart syndrome - What is BHS, how does a break-up cause it, and what can be done about it? - Prats Raul
  13. Childhood neglect and emotion - What are the emotional consequences of childhood neglect?   - TaylorMal
  14. Childhood trauma and emotion - What are the emotional consequences of childhood trauma?   - U3142860
  15. Codependency and self-esteem - What is the relationship between codependency and self-esteem? - B.L.Appleby
  16. Cognitive dissonance and emotion - What are the emotional effects of cognitive dissonance?  - Joog 17
  17. Conformity and emotion - What role do emotions play in facilitating social conformity? - U3097076
  18. Dopamine and love - What is the role of dopamine in the neurobiology of love?   - U3126678
  19. Elder abuse impacts on emotion - What are the emotional impacts of elder abuse? - Emeraldcahill94
  20. Emoticons, emoji, and the electronic communication of emotion - What role do emoticons and emoji play in the electronic communication of emotion? - U3118518
  21. Emotional intelligence and leadership effectiveness - What is the role of emotional intelligence in leadership effectiveness? - U3083835
  22. Emotion regulation in children - How do children learn to regulate their emotions? - MaddieCarleton
  23. Endometriosis and emotion - What are the emotional impacts of endometriosis?  - U3096514
  24. Evolutionary theory of emotion - How does evolutionary theory explain emotion and what are the implications for emotion management?  - U3153445
  25. Fecal disgust - Why do we find feces so disgusting?   - U3103844
  26. Flourishing - What is flourishing and how can it happen?   - GabiK
  27. Gym and positive emotion - What are the effects of going to the gym on positive emotion and well-being?  - Kskrivs
  28. Guilt - Why do we experience guilt, what are its consequences, and how can it be managed?  - U3097480
  29. Guilt and empathy - What is the relationship between guilt and empathy?   - U3144311
  30. Guilt and shame - What are the similarities and differences between guilt and shame?   - Spalacioaa
  31. Hope and emotion - What role does hope play in our emotional lives?  - U3020070
  32. Humour and emotion regulation - What role does humour play in emotion regulation?  - YL Mariano
  33. Insular cortex and emotion - What role does the insular cortex play in emotion? - Jonathan Sheehan UC
  34. Job satisfaction - What are the main ingredients for job satisfaction?  - Miciannell
  35. Love and anger - What is the relationship between love and anger? - U3158984
  36. Mystical experiences and emotion - What is the effect of mystical experiences on emotion? - U3151994
  37. Methamphetamine and emotion - What is the effect of methamphetamine on emotion?  - Hibbajaved
  38. Mindfulness and flow - What is the relationship between mindfulness and flow? - U3141382
  39. Mindfulness and performance lifting - How can mindfulness be used to enhance performance lifting? - Brett S u3119942
  40. Natural euphoria - How can euphoria be induced without drugs? - U3152169
  41. Negative emotion in the workplace - What are the most problematic negative emotions in the workplace and what can be done about them?  - Dsaini3
  42. Outdoor education and the self - What is the effect of outdoor education on self-constructs?   - Foley.d
  43. Political psychology and emotion - What is the role of emotion in political psychology? - U3095374
  44. Psychological capital - What is psychological capital, what are its benefits, and how can it be developed?   - U3037801
  45. Restorative justice and emotion - What role does emotion play in restorative justice?  - U3144461
  46. Self-focused attention and emotion - What is the relationship between self-focused attention on emotion? - Zacharydodemaide
  47. Social anxiety - What is social anxiety, what are its consequences, and how can it be managed? - Bridie Mcinerney
  48. Surfing and well-being - What is the effect of surfing on subjective and psychological well-being and why?  - Ssanders94
  49. Veteran transition to civilian life - What are the emotional challenges for military service member transition back to civilian life? - Atapattu Mudiyanselage
  50. Vicarious post-traumatic growth - What is VPTG and what are the key determinants?  - U3161929
  51. Walking and emotion - How does walking affect emotion? - U3093304
  52. Yoga and mood disorders - How can yoga help deal with mood disorders?  - Caroline Gangotena

Motivation and Emotion edit

  1. Compliments, emotion, and motivation - What is the effect of giving and receiving compliments on emotion and motivation?   - TarunSharma23