Motivation and emotion/Book/2014


  1. Preface - Jtneill


  1. Academic cheating motivation - What motivates cheating in an academic context? - AGH BMW
  2. Achievement goal orientation and academic motivation - What is the role of achievement goal orientation in students' academic motivation? - U3083917
  3. Adolescent substance use motivation - What motivates adolescents to use illicit drugs? - Lucydiamond1008
  4. Aggression in adolescents - What motivates aggressive behaviour in adolescents, and how can it be reduced? - U3065528
  5. Aggression in intimate relationships - How does aggression influence abusive behaviour in intimate relationships? - U3067755
  6. Altruism and empathy - What is the role of empathy in understanding altruism?  - Jessiek86
  7. Amotivation - What causes a lack of motivation and what can be done about it? - CalJMat2267
  8. Anger and motivation - What is the role of anger in motivation? - U3081566
  9. Attributions and motivation - How do attributions affect motivation?  - U3083529
  10. Belongingness motivation - What motivates people to seek the acceptance of others? - U3084454
  11. Biopsychological theory of personality and motivation - How does Gray's BIS/BAS theory explain motivation? - Lucy90
  12. Caffeine and motivation - What is the effect of caffeine on motivation? - Feris91
  13. Cannabis and motivation - What is the effect of cannabis on motivation?   - Coachstoney
  14. Collective action for social change motivation - What motivates people to act collectively to initiate social change or benefits for third parties? - U3120810
  15. Cosmetic surgery motivation - What is the motivation behind an individual seeking cosmetic surgery? - U3014122
  16. Cults and motivation - What motivates people to join cults? - Bekaguilar
  17. Cultural differences in aggression - How does culture influence aggression?  - U3053066
  18. Cyber-bullying motivation - Why do people cyber-bully and what can we do to deter it?  - U3038314
  19. Depression and motivation - What is the role of motivation in the development, diagnosis, treatment and defeat of depression? - Laney3691
  20. Dementia care motivation - What motivates people to care for others with dementia? - Annamoured
  21. Dopamine and motivation - What is the role of dopamine in motivation? - U3068311
  22. Eating disorder recovery and motivation - What role does motivation play in recovery from an eating disorder? - U122096
  23. Exercise motivation - How can we motivate ourselves to exercise? - U30783299
  24. Fear as a motivator - How can we use fear as a motivator? - U3092881
  25. Feedback for learning motivation - What is the role of feedback in motivating people to learn? - Smelle24
  26. Firesetting motivation – What motivates firesetting?  - U3090859
  27. Fresh start effect - How are temporal landmarks used to demarcate time and increase motivation?  - Jake.B.
  28. Guilt and motivation - How does guilt work as a motivator in a social world? - Fitzcaelte
  29. Imagery and motivation - How can we use imagery to enhance motivation and improve performance?  - U3057190
  30. Infidelity and needs - How is need fulfillment related to infidelity? - U3068793
  31. Insider threat motivation - What motivates insiders to openly reveal classified information? - B3009960
  32. Internet relationships and motivation - Why do people use the internet for relationships and what are the pros and cons? - Chamou1
  33. Jealousy as a motivator for sexual monogamy - How does jealousy play a part in sexual monogamy, and is this healthy for relationships? - KeeraFox
  34. Music and exercise motivation - How can music be used to help motivate physical exercise workouts? - Irwin13
  35. Hoarding and motivation - What motivates hoarding?  - U3083978
  36. Knowledge sharing motivation - What motivates people to share knowledge? - Jordan.reeve
  37. Love and culture - What is romantic love and how is it influenced by culture?  - U3081383
  38. Methamphetamine and aggression - How does methamphetamine affect emotions, particularly aggression? - U3069714
  39. Masochism and motivation - What motivates engagement in physically or psychologically painful practices - Taya88
  40. Monogamy motivation - What motivates monogamy? - AlexKu3079729
  41. Muscle dysmorphia (The Adonis Complex) and motivation - What lengths will some men go through to attain the ideal musculature or physique? - U3112111
  42. Obesity treatment and needs - How do different health advice sectors treat obesity and how do these treatments interact with our needs?  - EJChristie
  43. Pets and motivation - How can pets affect our motivation? - User:UCcameragirl
  44. Psychodynamic perspective of motivation - What is the psychodynamic perspective of motivation? - U3068695
  45. Role models and motivation - How do role models motivate and influence adolescents? - U3081558
  46. Punishment as a motivator - How effective is punishment as a motivator? - JScerri
  47. Quit smoking cigarettes motivation - What role does motivation play in quitting smoking of cigarettes? - U3091784
  48. Resisting the temptation of unhealthy food - What motivational processes are involved in resisting the temptation of eating unhealthy food? - U3054867
  49. Self-efficacy and motivation - How does self-efficacy enhances motivation?  - Frank - u3077227
  50. Self-injury motivation - What motivates self-injurious behaviour?  - KerrieW
  51. Sensation seeking and alcohol - What is the role of sensation seeking in alcohol use? - Mg 9898
  52. Serial killing motivation - What motivates serial killing?  - Charlotte.C
  53. Sexual violence motivation - What motivates engagement in sexual violence?  - Hbdougall
  54. Sexual orientation and coming out - What motivates people to 'come out'?  - n8.
  55. Shoplifting motivation - Why do shoplifters steal?  - U3030139
  56. Social comparison and motivation - How does social comparison affect people's achievement motivation? - OzJoey
  57. Social media motivation - What motivates social media usage? - Can_Rogerthat
  58. Social media motivation and gender - How do males and females differ in their motivations to use social media? - U3084014
  59. Sport winning motivation - What motivates athletes to win?  - U3096484
  60. Stress on motivation - What is the relationship between stress and motivation?  - U3054150
  61. Suicide prevention: How do suicide prevention programs work with clients' personal motivations? - BecGraham92
  62. Terrorism motivation - What motivates people to join terrorist organisations? - K.kauhanen
  63. Theory of goal setting and task performance - What is Locke and Latham's theory and how can it be applied? - Steph b
  64. Unemployment and motivation - What is the effect of unemployment on job search motivation? - U3072703
  65. University student motivation - What motivates university students to study?  - U3068859
  66. Veganism motivation - What motivates a vegan lifestyle? - U3084587
  67. Video game addiction motivation - What motivates video game addiction?  - Leeroy Jenkins
  68. Video games and positive motivation - How can playing video games have positive effects on our motivation? - Ultra-Cole
  69. Weight loss motivation in overweight children - How does motivation affect weight loss in overweight children?  - U3112911
  70. Workplace bullying motivation - What motivates bullying in the workplace? - Hannahdawes


  1. Adoption and emotion - What are the emotional impacts of adoption? - Jen_9_39
  2. Ageing and emotion - How is our emotional experience, expression, and control affected by ageing in later life? - U3054842
  3. Agreeableness and emotion - How does agreeableness influence emotion? U3065904
  4. Amygdala and emotion - What role does the amygdala play in emotion? - U3084152
  5. Appraisal and emotion - What is the role of cognitive appraisal in emotional experience?  - U3068899
  6. Child emotional abuse - What is emotional abuse, what are its consequences, and how can it be dealt with? - Chernayy
  7. Chocolate and mood  - Can eating chocolate make you happy? - U3083503
  8. Comfort eating and negative emotions - Why and how do people use eating as a coping strategy for dealing with negative emotions? - U3082340
  9. Coming out and emotion - What is the emotional impact of accepting one's sexual orientation and 'coming out'? - ZombrexJim
  10. Compassion and empathy - What are the differences and similarities between compassion and empathy?  - U3084402
  11. Creativity and emotion - How does emotion influence our creativity? - U3080853
  12. Cultural differences in emotion - How does culture influence emotion? - KeenBean92
  13. Death and emotion - What is our emotional response to death?  - U3054855
  14. Dehydration and mood - What are the effects of dehydration on mood?  - Brookelouise23
  15. Depression in athletes - Why are athletes vulnerable to depression and what can be done about it?  - 1Kristina1
  16. Dreams and emotion - What is the emotional content of our dreams? - K.gonsior
  17. Empathy development - How can and does empathy develop? - U3054879
  18. Emotional manipulation by others - How do people attempt to manipulate the emotions of others, what are the effects, and how can this countered?  - U3067777
  19. Emotional regulation through meditation - How can meditation help with emotional regulation?  - u3091458
  20. Emotion and sex - How do emotions affect sexual behaviour?  - Hynes08
  21. Emotion paradox - What is the emotion paradox and how does the conceptual act model of emotion explain emotion?  - Cdrake2014
  22. Exercise and mood - What is the effect of physical exercise on mood? - U3081027
  23. Extraversion and emotion - How does extraversion influence emotion? KRD 1000
  24. Eyewitness memory and emotion - What effect does emotion have on eyewitness memory?  - Njzarb
  25. Facial Action Coding System - What is the FACS and how can it be used to train people to more accurately perceive the emotions of others? - U3083776
  26. Fear and coping - How do people cope with fear? - Pat3068181
  27. Fight, flight, freeze system and emotion - What role does emotion play in the FFFS? - U3083583
  28. Gambling addiction and emotion - What role does emotion play in gambling addiction? - U3008380
  29. Geometric shapes and emotion - How does the viewing of different geometric shapes affect emotion?  - joelthebaws
  30. Giving and emotion - What is the emotional effect of giving? - N.matthews3500
  31. Goal conflict and emotion - What are the affective consequences of goal conflict? - U3083063
  32. Happiness and health - How does happiness influence our health? - CazaF
  33. Healing and emotion - How do emotions affect medical treatment effectiveness? - Dsavestro
  34. Hedonic treadmill - What is the hedonic treadmill and how does it influence our emotional lives? -U3081461
  35. Introversion and emotion - How does introversion influence emotion? - Benwhite625
  36. Loving-kindness meditation and emotion - What is loving-kindness meditation and what are its emotional effects?  - Josephineanne
  37. Managers' emotional responses - What are the emotional impacts of being a manager? - U3038278
  38. Mood and emotion - What are the differences and similarities between mood and emotion? - U1101303
  39. Music genre and emotion - How do different types of music induce different emotions?  - Heschaef
  40. Neuroticism and emotion - How does neuroticism influence emotion? - Kadoran
  41. Nomophobia and emotion - What is "no mobile phone phobia", what are the effects on emotion, and what can be done about it? - U3083275
  42. Parenting styles and adolescent emotion - What is the effect of parenting styles on adolescent emotion? - Bella_wilson
  43. Perceived control and emotion - How does perceived control influence emotion? - CFD
  44. Play and emotion - What is the emotional effect of play? - U3074414
  45. Plutchik's wheel of emotions - What is Plutchik's wheel of emotions, how does it work, and how can it be applied? - KSG12393
  46. Power posing and self-confidence - How can "power posing" affect self-confidence? - J.Kennedy
  47. Pupil dilation and emotion - What does pupil dilation indicate about emotion? - JessBrewis
  48. Religiosity and mental health - How does religiosity influence mental health? - JacquelineSpence
  49. Reticular formation, arousal and emotion - What role does the reticular formation play in arousal and emotion? - U3084341
  50. Risk perception and emotion - What is the effect of emotion on risk perception? - Soneill90
  51. Running and flow - How can we experience psychological flow while running? - Lisa Whistle - ID 3004070
  52. Self-compassion and well-being - What is self-compassion and how can it influence our emotional well-being?  - U3068280
  53. Self-consciousness and emotion - Can self-consciousness be considered self-awareness? - Bectionary
  54. Self esteem and depression - How does self-esteem predict depression and what can be done to lower the risk of depression by improving self-esteem? - JessicaClareHunt
  55. Self-esteem and emotion - What is the relationship between self-esteem and emotion? - U3080857
  56. Serotonin and emotion - What role does serotonin play in emotion?  - U3068453
  57. Sex and stress - How does sexual activity affect stress? - U3084516
  58. Sexual harassment and emotion - What are the emotional effects of experiencing sexual harassment?  - Lrcampbell
  59. Sleep deprivation and emotion - What are the emotional effects of sleep deprivation and what can be done about it? - JenJen
  60. Stress inoculation - What is it, how does it work, and how can we use it?  - Linssen
  61. Stress and weight control - How does stress affect weight control? - Natalie777
  62. Testosterone and emotion - What are the effects of testosterone on emotion?  - U3083960
  63. Trust and emotion - What is the relationship between trust and emotion?  - Xlc