Motivation and emotion/Book/2017


  1. Bias to action - How can adopting a bias to action increase productivity and reduce procrastination?  - U3068783
  2. Compatibilism - What is compatibilism and what does it mean for our everyday lives?  - Liam C
  3. Counterfactual thinking motivation - What motivates counterfactual thinking?  - Wishmi
  4. Delayed reinforcement and motivation - What is the effect of delayed reinforcement on motivation? - Dom M.S
  5. Dementia and vocally disruptive behaviour - What motivates vocally disruptive behaviour by people living with dementia and how can it be managed?   - U3119414
  6. Depression and study motivation - What is the effect of depression on the motivation to study? - U3068664
  7. Dopamine and drug addiction - What part does dopamine play in drug use and addiction? - U3130156
  8. Drive reduction theory of motivation - What is drive reduction theory and how does it apply to our everyday lives? - Arch_s
  9. Dualistic model of passion - What is the dualistic model of passion and how does it apply to our everyday lives?  - U3099598
  10. Empowerment and employee motivation - How does empowerment at work affect employees' work motivation? - ALMLoom
  11. Feedback and career development - What role does feedback play in career development?  fl - Pilar_M
  12. Gamification and motivation - What are the motivational effects of gamification?  - EmilyWoodward
  13. Ghrelin, leptin, hunger, and eating - How do ghrelin and leptin affect hunger and eating?   - EmmaCane28
  14. Good Lives Model of offender rehabilitation - What is the theory and research about the GLM model?  - MMMRH9416
  15. Hormones and motivation - What is the effect of hormones on motivation?  - U3099963
  16. Hypothalamus and motivation - What is the role of the hypothalamus in motivated behaviour?   - U3144362
  17. Impulsivity - What is impulsivity, what are its consequences, and what can be done about it? - Tasha92
  18. Intimate partner violence motivation - What motivates IPV and what can be done about it?  - u3133258
  19. Multilingual motivation - What motivates learning more than one language? - U3114890
  20. Multi-tasking motivation - What motivates multi-tasking? - Holly Kingham
  21. Norepinephrine and motivation - How does norepinephrine affect motivation? - U3029290
  22. Neurotransmitters and motivation - What is the effect of neurotransmitters on motivation? - Stephanie Feltham
  23. Online dating motivation and gender - How do males and females differ in their motivations to use online dating?  - Georgia.wb
  24. Overjustification effect - What is the overjustification effect and what can be done about it?  - Edward Farrell
  25. Paraphilia motivations - What motivates paraphilias? - Meerabsolomon
  26. Parenting in youth sport - How can parents optimise youth participation, performance, and enjoyment in sport?  - U3135539
  27. Pheromones and motivation - How do pheromones affect motivation? - Lauren clarke
  28. Play motivation - What motivates play? - Ninaq9
  29. Pleasure motivation - What is the motivational role of pleasure?  - RainbowUnicorn97
  30. Procrastination benefits - What are the benefits of procrastination? - Hhajdar1996
  31. Reactance - What is reactance and what are its motivational implications? - Gdyeaman
  32. Serotonin and motivation - How does serotonin affect motivation? - U3141330
  33. Social movement motivation - What draws people into movements? - Maddison Frost
  34. tDCS and motivation - How can tDCS influence motivation? - U3133240
  35. Temptations - Where do temptations come from (psychologically)? How can temptations be effectively managed? - U3111270
  36. Testosterone and dominance - What is the relationship between testosterone and dominance?  - Amelia Smith-Koppie
  37. Testosterone and sexual motivation - What is the effect of testosterone on sexual motivation?   - Demibree
  38. White collar crime motivation - What motivates white collar crime and what can be done about it? - U3117418


  1. Affective forecasting - What is affective forecasting and how does it influence our lives? - U3084181
  2. Anxiety and gender - How is emotion experienced differently across genders and what are the implications?   - Tahliachristofersen
  3. Awe and well-being - How does experiencing awe influence our well-being?   - U3122707
  4. Biological factors in emotional reactivity - How do biological factors influence emotional reactivity?   - RaniaLillian
  5. Cannabis and positive emotions - What is the effect of cannabis on positive emotions? - Eadams1994
  6. Culture shock - What is culture shock, what causes it, and what can be done about it? - EmmAnder18
  7. Disgust and prejudice - What is the role of disgust in prejudice?   - Taylormeggles
  8. Emotion and learning - What role does emotion play in learning? - U3068425
  9. Emotional chills - What are emotional chills and why do we experience them? - Robbiespelde
  10. Emotional expressiveness and gender - What is the relationship between gender and emotional expressiveness? - EllaWard
  11. Emotional intelligence neural correlates - What are the neural correlates of emotional intelligence? - U3144520
  12. Emotional resilience in space - What are the emotional resilience requirements for living in space and how can these be developed?  - U3154661
  13. Emotion perception - What is emotion perception and how can it be improved?   - U3143144
  14. End of life regrets - What do people regret most, why, and what can be done about it?  - U3113687
  15. Evaluation apprehension - What is evaluation apprehension and how does it affect us? - U3118754
  16. Environmental design for people living with dementia - What aspects of environmental design principles are important for the well-being of PLWD? - Mayoh_11
  17. Exercise and negative emotions - What role can physical exercise play in regulating negative emotions? - MorganSlater
  18. Gender and emotion - What are the differences in the way each gender experiences emotion? - StephyB
  19. Goose bumps and emotion - What is the relationship between goose bumps and emotion? - U3099490
  20. Hardiness - What is hardiness, how does it help, and how can it be developed? - Wojak McFeelson
  21. Hormones and emotion - What is the effect of hormones on emotion? - U3066780
  22. Implicit judgement and emotion - How do emotions impact our implicit judgements? - AnnetaJ
  23. James-Lange theory of emotion - What is the James-Lange theory, what is the evidence, and what are the implications?  - U3143124
  24. Joy and learning - What effect does joy have on learning?  - YLC-2017
  25. Loneliness - What is loneliness, what does it matter, and how can it be managed?  - U3117126
  26. LSD and emotion - What is the effect of LSD on emotion?   - U3117276
  27. Homesickness - What is homesicknesses and what are the associated risk and protective factors? - U3121654
  28. Meaning and happiness - What is the role of meaningfulness in happiness? - Unusualpigeon
  29. Mental toughness - What is mental toughness, how does it help, and how can it be developed? - U3144808
  30. Misophonia - What is misophonia and how can we deal with it?   - U100155
  31. Mobile phone addiction - What motivates addictive mobile phone use? - U3058352
  32. Nicotine withdrawal and negative emotion - What is the effect of nicotine withdrawal on negative emotion? - U3082166
  33. Norepinephrine and emotion - What is the relationship between norepinephrine and emotion?  - CeridwenR
  34. Neurotransmitters and emotion - What is the effect of neurotransmitters on emotion?  - U3028335
  35. Optimal innovation and pleasure - How does optimal innovation influence pleasure? - Summer Liu
  36. Orgasm health benefits - What are the psychological and physical health benefits of orgasm and why?  - YaelKarin
  37. Orgasm neurology - What happens to the brain during orgasm?  - U3115549
  38. Oxytocin and trust - What is the effect of oxytocin on trust?   - SL96
  39. Personality and happiness - What is the relationship between personality and happiness? - U3161650
  40. Pleasure and pain - What is the relationship between pleasure and pain? - PsychoStudent
  41. Positive thinking as a cause of emotional problems - What are the risks of positive thinking to emotional well-being? - U3038747
  42. Perinatal depression - What is it, what are the risk factors, and how can it be managed? - Miciannelli
  43. Pride - What are the pros and cons of pride? - U3119288
  44. Psychological resilience development in children - How can psychological resilience be developed in children? - Telgey
  45. Rational emotive behavior therapy - How can REBT help to change our emotions?   - Si Brown
  46. Risk assessment and emotion - What role do emotions play in risk assessment and decision-making? - U3115299
  47. Risky driving and emotion - What emotions contribute to risky driving? - U3115339
  48. Sad music and emotion - What is the effect of sad music on emotion? - U3119693
  49. Sadness as the longest lasting emotion - Why is sadness the longest lasting emotion? - U3096713
  50. Separation anxiety in children - What are the causes of separation anxiety in children and what treatment is available?  - U3117399
  51. Smiling, laughter, and happiness - What is the effect of smiling and laughter on happiness? - U3136850
  52. Sound and mood - What is the effect of sound on mood? - NHP96
  53. Stigma and emotion - What are the emotional effects of being stigmatised? - EvaSutton
  54. Stillbirth and emotion - What are the emotional consequences of stillbirth for parents?  - KR96
  55. Synthetic happiness - What is synthetic happiness and how can it be manufactured? - Patrick Mulligan
  56. Team sport and emotion - How does playing team sport affect one's emotional state? - Slucic94
  57. Temperature and mood - What is the effect of temperature on mood? - May EJ20
  58. Time perspective and relationships - What is the effect of time perspective on relationships?   - WJDHR
  59. Time perspective and happiness - What is the relationship between time perspective and happiness? - Rachel Zeng
  60. Verbal aggression - How can be verbal aggression be effectively managed and expressed? - U3119308
  61. Zoo visitor emotion - What emotional responses do visitors have to zoos?   - U3119363