Motivation and emotion/Book/2013

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  1. Preface
  2. Pearls of wisdom

Motivation edit

  1. Affiliation motivation - What is affiliation motivation? What causes affiliation motivation and what are the impacts of affiliation motivation? - Punkey77
  2. Alcohol and university student motivation - What motivates university students' alcohol consumption?  - Gailstopp
  3. Alzheimer's and motivation - How can Alzheimer's be prevented or reduced through internal motivation? What causes people to lose motivation in the face of Alzheimer's?  - Kari2515
  4. Avoidance motivation - Why do we avoid tasks and how does this affect us? - Emily.Antonio
  5. Behavioural economics and habits - How can behavioural economics be used to understand and change habits? - Ashkrance
  6. Blood donation - What motivates and what discourages blood donation?  - U3061292
  7. Delay of gratification - What is delayed gratification? What does it indicate about motivation? What desirable outcomes are predicted by delay of gratification predict? - Barb Bowen
  8. Developmental changes in motivation - How does human motivation change during human development across the life-cycle? - M-J Dallas
  9. Dreams and motivation - What do dreams reveal about our motivations?  - Kellieadellie
  10. Environmental behaviour - How can people be motivated to adopt more environmentally-friendly behaviours? - DanikaPhelps
  11. Extrinsic motivation - What is extrinsic motivation? How can extrinsic motivation be effectively used? - Eengleh1
  12. Fear of failure - What motives underlie the fear of failure and how can fear of failure be overcome?  - Victoriagc
  13. Fear of success - What motives underlie the fear of success and how can fear of success be overcome? - Thosecows
  14. Goal setting - Effective goal setting for achieving success - Jen.Robson
  15. Health behaviours - What motivates health-promoting behaviours? How can such motivation be fostered?  - Peg93
  16. How to get more sex - Secrets of sexual motivation - NatKat88
  17. Illicit substances and motivation - What motivates us to pursue illicit substances? - Nathan.Etheredge
  18. Intrinsic motivation - What is intrinsic motivation and how can it be fostered?  - Jacki Ball
  19. Learning meta-cognition - How and why to learn "how to learn" - Tovey ally
  20. Lying - What motivates people to tell lies? - KahriMartinez
  21. Motivational contagion - Are motivations contagious? How does one's motivations "rub off" on others? - TomMarvoloRiddle
  22. Motivating the elderly to exercise- What prohibits elderly people from exercising and how can they be motivated to partake in exercise?  - Jess7
  23. Motivation and hazing - What motivates hazing and how can the issue be managed?  - Anerakneko
  24. Motivation and relationships - What motives guide human mate selection? - u3049223
  25. Motivation and vegetarianism - What motivates vegetarianism? - Lynnmaree-27
  26. Needs - What are needs and how do they needs differ from desires, wants and likes? Why types of needs are there? How do we monitor and satisfy needs? What are the advantages, risks and problems with needs? - Abik
  27. Nicotine and motivation - What is the effect of nicotine on motivation? - Kelseyv23
  28. Nudge motivation - What is it and how can it be used? - U3007514
  29. Organ donation - What motivates and what prevents organ donation?  - ange.w
  30. Organisational change and emotion - How to cope more effectively with change in your workplace  - HayleyMuzza17
  31. Paradoxical intention (or Reverse psychology) - What is it and how and when to use it? - S K Hill
  32. Perfectionism - What is perfectionism and what is the effect of perfectionism on people's psychological lives?  - Svetlana16
  33. Porn addiction - Why does it happen, how does it affect motivation, and what can be done about it? - Tennkaiyadai C'Eeoh
  34. Power motivation - What is power motivation? What are the costs and benefits of power motivation? - Sammarris
  35. Protection motivation and health - What is protection motivation and how does it affect health?  - U3054791
  36. Self-confidence - Why does self-confidence matter and how can it be developed?  - U3068081
  37. Self-confidence and sport - What is self-confidence in sport, how important is it, and how it be developed? - Michael Barrington
  38. Self-control in health behaviours - What is self-control and how can we develop it to successfully diet, exercise and limit substance use?  - Nocreativeusername
  39. Self-handicapping - Why do we sometimes self-handicap? What can be done about it? - Blerg26
  40. Self-tracking and motivation - How does self-tracking affect motivation?  - Jenna Chambers
  41. Sexual orientation - What motivates sexual orientation? - Florence21
  42. Suicidality and motivation - What motives underlie suicidality? - U3065594
  43. Visualisation and motivation - How does and can visualiation affect motivation?  - Haizel Karmello
  44. Volunteer motivation - What motivates volunteering? - Bilbo Baggins
  45. Workplace motivation - Using Self Determination Theory to create sustained motivation in the workplace - Bridgiedidge
  46. Hofstede's dimensions of cultural value and motivation - What are the five dimensions of national culture identified by Hofstede and what are the implications for understanding motivation? - U3067894
  47. Body modification and motivation - What motivates the choice to modify or not modify one's body? - Sentimental
  48. Motivational music - How can music motivate us to exercise?  - Rebecca.3081557

Emotion edit

  1. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and emotion - How does ACT suggest we approach emotional experiences?  - U3065856
  2. Alcohol and emotion - What is the effect of alcohol on emotion? - Jodieveitch
  3. Animals and emotion - What your pet can do for you - Belle Hughes
  4. Anticipation - What is the emotion of anticipation, what is it for, and how can it be managed? - Christine.DW
  5. Aggression - What is the role of aggression and how can aggression be managed? - Olivia Poscoliero
  6. Animals and anxiety - How does interaction with animals affect human anxiety levels? - Liabilly Wildflower
  7. Animal assisted therapy and emotional health and well-being - What is animal assisted therapy and what are its effects on emotional health and well-being?  - Verity Foster-Greenwood
  8. Attributions and emotion - How do attributions affect emotion?   - Kerrington
  9. Being touched - How does being touched affect emotion?  U3052304
  10. Bullying and emotion - What is the role of emotion in bullying? What are the emotional effects of bullying?   - Janed1987
  11. Burnout - What is it and how can be it be avoided?  - Telamon
  12. Cannabis and emotion - What is the effect of cannabis on emotion? - Nessy
  13. Caregiving and grief in dementia - How do caregivers of people with dementia grieve and how can they be supported? - Caitlin Malicki
  14. Colour and emotion - What emotions are associated with different colours and why? - U3068364
  15. Crying - Why do we cry? When is it good to cry?   - U3055768
  16. Dementia and emotion - How does dementia affect emotion? What are the implications for caregiving and dementia? - EmmaP
  17. Daily hassles and uplifts - How do daily hassles and uplifts influence emotion? - Rashpocket
  18. Dopamine and emotion - What the role of dopamine in emotion? - Ckmt
  19. Deservingness and emotion - How do cognitive perceptions of deservingness affect emotions (e.g., schadenfreude)  - Sara-anne123
  20. Dreams and emotion - What do dreams reveal about our emotions? - Paigey92
  21. Eating and emotion - How does what we eat affect our emotions? - SweetJessieRose
  22. Emotion and cancer diagnosis - What is the emotional impact of a cancer diagnosis?  - Everysingleusernameistaken
  23. Emotional contagion - Are emotions contagious? How do one's emotions "rub off" on others? - TheDancingZebra
  24. Emotional control vs. emotional expressiveness - Is it better to keep emotions in or to let them out?  - Kstan
  25. Emotional impacts of sexual assault - What is the emotional effect of sexual assault on victims and how can it be managed? - U3038795
  26. Emotional self-regulation - What is self-regulation, why is it important, and how can it be developed? - Niques42
  27. Emotion and health - What is the effect of emotion on health? - Duane Toohey
  28. Emotion and helping - What is the relationship between emotion and helping? - U3049674
  29. Emotion and human interaction - How do our emotions affect our interactions with others? - Lady Jay
  30. Emotion and learning - What role does emotion play in learning?  - ButterflyGirl
  31. Emotion and memory - How do emotions affect memory? - Akshoo93
  32. Emotion and trust - How do emotions influence our willingness to trust?  - SarTon
  33. Emotions in early childhood - Understanding and surviving the "terrible two's"   - VanessaQ
  34. Exercise and emotion - What is the effect of exercise on emotion and why? - JasR
  35. Experiential avoidance - What is it, why does it matter, and what can be done about it? - Blue Tardis
  36. Facial expressions and culture – To what extent are emotions universally recognised from facial expressions?  - Imogens13
  37. Facial expressions and the emotions of others - How do our facial expressions affect the emotions of others? - Smith6
  38. Failure and happiness - What do happy people do when they fail?  - Pheonix
  39. Fear - What is it, what effects does it have, and how can it be managed?   - Thegrounav
  40. Frustration - What happens when our desires and expectations are thwarted?   - Grant Edward
  41. Green exercise and emotion - What is the effect of green exercise on emotion and why?  - Bessamo
  42. Humour and emotion - What is the role of humour in emotion regulation and emotional well-being? - Maltrep
  43. Jealousy - What is it and how can it be managed? - Rosey0703
  44. Joy - What is it and how can we make the most of it?   - Ukalypt
  45. Massage and emotion - What the is the effect of massage of emotion? - Nehak4
  46. Meditation and emotion - What the is the effect of mediation of emotion? - Pakkk
  47. Memory and emotion - How does emotion affect memory?  - Leisamce
  48. Mindfulness - What is it and how can it be developed? - Vin Raturi
  49. Money and happiness - What is the effect of money on happiness? - U3068359
  50. Mood induction - What are the most effective mood induction techniques utilised within psychological research? - U3034711
  51. Nature and emotion - What is the effect of the natural environment on human emotion and why?  - U3054871
  52. Nicotine and emotion - What is the effect of nicotine on emotion? - PatrickBateman
  53. Nutrition and depression - What is the relationship between human nutrition and depression? - Oleander
  54. Optimism - Is is good to be optimistic? How can we learn to be more optimistic?  - Amber12
  55. Oxytocin and emotion - What is the role of oxytocin in emotion?  - Clarev
  56. Pain and emotion - What is the role of emotion in the experience of pain? - Duncado92
  57. Parenting and emotional development in children - How do parenting styles affect the emotional development of children? - U3104765
  58. Pet ownership and emotion - What is the effect of pet ownership on emotional well-being?  - NiaS14
  59. Religiousity and emotion - How does religiousity affect emotional well-being? - u3069912
  60. Retail therapy and emotion - What are the emotion precursors and consequences of so-called "retail therapy"? - Saerah
  61. Reversal theory - Mood flips and reversal theory - how and why do we change from one emotional state to another? - Megs88
  62. Rumination - How to battle the invasion of negative thoughts - M.m.riggs
  63. Sadness - What is sadness, why does it occur, and what can be done about it? - U3043554Riaana
  64. Saying sorry - The power of apology - What is the emotional affect of saying sorry? - U3037098
  65. Self-esteem - What is it, is it good, and how to improve low self-esteem?   - Jetlynpayne
  66. Sleep and emotion - The secret to a good night's sleep - Cmbrookes
  67. Smell and emotion - How does smell affect emotion?  - Amyr16
  68. Surprise - What is the emotion of surprise and what are its effects? - Kit-kat902
  69. Stress reduction - What is stress and how can it be managed? - U3037401
  70. Time perspective and emotion - How does time perspective affect emotion? - Liam 8
  71. Transactional model of stress and coping - What is the transactional model and what can we learn from it? - Miss Lyn 12
  72. Uninteresting tasks and motivation - How can people be motivated to do unininteresting tasks? - GerardeC
  73. Weather and emotion - How are our emotions affected by the weather? How can we use the weather to improve our well-being? - DorisWeasley
  74. Yoga and emotion - What the is the effect of yoga of emotion?  - Iluvyoga4lyf3
  75. Testosterone and emotion - What is the role of testosterone in emotion? - U3054911