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Goal is to get a sample of 10 calls for contribution on stubs in the first week of January. This will give us more than enough data to see if we can attract editors to Wikiversity. It should be noted that my "invention" was a "re-invention". See #Book Reviews (created by User:Atcovi)

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Wikiversity:Rootsub Essay←3

Youth studies←1 w:Youth studies

Socialism←1+4 w:Socialism

Descartes←1 w:René Descartes

Libertarian socialism←1+1 Libertarian socialism

Spanish–American War←1 w:Spanish–American War

Studies about Senecan Tragedy←2 w:Seneca the Younger, w:Seneca the Elder, w:Senecan tragedy,

Cloning←1 w:Ethics of cloning

Concussions for Parents and Coaches←0 w:Concussion, w:Concussions in high school sports, w:Concussions in sport, w:Sports-related traumatic brain injury, w:Concussions in American football, w:Chronic traumatic encephalopathy in sports, w:Concussions in Australian sport, w:Prevention of concussions, w:Chronic traumatic encephalopathy, w:Concussions in rugby union, w:Second-impact syndrome, w:Helmet removal (sports)

Film Studies←2 Film · Film studies · Filmmaking · Film industry · Cinema of the United States · Transnational cinema · Formalist film theory · Film styles · Art film · Documentary film · Film noir · Underground film · Spaghetti Western · Surrealist cinema · History of film technology · History of film · Precursors of film · History of animation

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