Wikiversity:Rootsub Essay/What if my project demands features unavailable in wikitext?

Page started by User:Guy vandegrift but I would welcome a complete rewrite.

It seems to me that many student essays are assigned by instructors of a class. If that is true, we might recruit more instructors to the class if they could avoid having to require that students learn to write in wikitext. I noticed that Google Drive offers the option of hosting a free wiki, and I couldn't resist the temptation to try it. So far it seems more like a gimmick that a useful tool (for example, the service if free only if the wiki has only one editor.)

But it would be easy to let Google Docs host documents and create a link to your document here. For example, the home page of my experimental wiki can be found here:

Excuse the bad poetry. I was in a hurry to get back to writing pages for Wikiversity.

Students not yet allowed to make external links could list the url address, which for WikiGooCity is:

[ WikiGooCity]