Wikiversity:Rootsub Essay

Wikiversity resources have the shape of a tree diagram. 8 is parent of all children, or the rootpage in Wikiversity namespace.

Rootsub is a four way portmanteau of the project's "rootpage" (also called a "landing page"), "subpage", and "subpar", as well as "stub" (without the "t".) I propose that we do two things with resources that are just stubs:

  1. Google <text>, where <text> might be the stub's pagename. Pick at least three Wikiversity pages and copy from the first paragraph to create a summary of that article. Feel free to add links from other wikis, or even external links if you wish. As shown below, it is very easy to reference links to WMF wikis.
  2. Paste the text {{subst:callforcontributions}} near the bottom of the stub. That will create a Call for contributions that encourages students to write something on a subpage with an incoming link from the landing place. See Template:callforcontributions for the latest draft of this template.
  3. (Optional) Create the subpage How to get help writing your contribution and make it's contents a redirect using the script:
    #REDIRECT [[Wikiversity:Rootsub Essay/How to get help writing your contribution]]
  4. (Whenever appropriate) Add a sister link to Wikipedia. Either {{Wikiversity-inline}} or:
[[file:Wikiversity logo 2017.svg|16x16px]] [[v:{{PAGENAME}}|Contribute an essay on '''{{PAGENAME}}''' to Wikiversity]] or:
{{sister project|project=Wikiversity|text= [[v:pagename|Contribute an essay on {{PAGENAME}} to Wikiversity}}

Stubs that now have this feature edit

To appreciate the difference this makes on Youth studies, compare the versions BEFORE and AFTER these changes were made.

Template example edit

Call for contributions

Set education free by contributing to Rootsub Essay. Create a space where you can work by entering a title that is not already on the list below.

List of contributions

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