Libertarian socialism/Centralized Society

Centralization has been a major factor in the decreasing quality of life in our current system. It reduced the impact a person can have on their own life, increased the prevalence of diseases such as Depression and Lung Cancer, makes people lazy and is responsible for the destruction of nature. Monopoly is a situation disliked by Communists (monopoly on the means of production) as well as Libertarian Capitalists (monopoly on laws, currency, police etc.) yet they both fail to effectively stop it.

Centralization makes people procrastinate; lazy edit

In this years it is very common[1] to know someone who uses social media (Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter[formerly X], Instagram), internet forums/messengers (Reddit, Discord) video sharing/live streaming services (Tiktok, YouTube, Twitch) and movie streaming services (Neflix, HBO Max, Amazon Prime) in their free time and even during work(!). This … provides a quick release of dopamine and satisfies the natural need for power by watching videos about the enslavement of African people during The Age Of Discovery, posting something about the inadequate funding of polish public schooling or tweeting something about police brutality. The individual feels like he is actually contributing to societal change. In fact the discussions you can have on twitter are some of the most unproductive use of your time. This distracts the individual from actually advancing societal change. This services are so popular they don’t even need advertisements. This services are also addictive and manipulative. Laziness can also be thought of as the lack of motivation to work, and everything generally being half-assed, prevalent in communist states.

Centralization decreases people’s rights edit

It’s an often occurrence that people right’s are being broken nowadays. We often see our privacy seized for “counter-terrorism” and “protecting the children”[citation needed]. To survive the system must keep down people who want to abolish it. Which is the reason for systematic homophobia, transphobia and xenophobia in many countries[2]. In the fight to “protect it’s citizens” the system indoctrinates, manipulates and lies to them. We often see corporations and governments producing propaganda on a massive scale. Censorship is also very prevalent. It is in the businesses’ interest to NOT include independent opinions and ideas as they could advocate for changes that would not be beneficial to it. Theoretically you have free speech and you can practice it, but it will not reach a significant portion of society (at least 5% of the population), meaning your opinions don’t matter.

Centralization decreases the appreciation of life edit

The system is very far away from natural human behavior. The most common economical system is capitalism, which is based on competition. It is only natural for a human to produce and give goods voluntarily. And cooperate with other humans to produce something of value, something meaningful. The individual doesn’t get positive feedback from his actions. He fells his work is meaningless. Instead of directly helping someone in need they produce goods for others to procrastinate with. If the individual thinks that the values perse[3] is taught in school are useless and the schooling system is inefficient he can’t simply stop going to school or he will be labeled lazy, uneducated, a bum and the individual will consequent legal trouble as well[4]. The individual does not receive any positive information. News shows tell you of about people getting murder, children going missing, a train derailing and causing a chemical spill, people dying in a terrorist attack in a country you never heard of and at the end you are being told the scores of the national football team in an international championship. They never tell that a person got a promotion this week or that a village in Africa now has running and clean water. They only tell you about the negative events. There is always something wrong with the world happening and you can’t do anything about it (that’s their version not mine). The system also labels it’s enemies as schizophrenics, socialists, homosexuals, negros. In the USA they literally call homosexualism “Marxist Culture”, which is very funny considering that Karl Marx was a homophobe[5].

Centralization is responsible for the destruction of nature edit

In it’s way for infinite growth the system must take more and more radical measures. Resulting in overpopulation, heavy pollution and the depletion of rare resources, something called Tragedy Of The Commons. Instead of thinking about the consequences of coal pollution for example, it simply takes the cheapest and fastest way to get electricity[6].

Footnotes edit

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