Film Studies/The birth of Hollywood Cinema

Hollywood Cinema edit

After the success of Thomas Edison and his Black Maria Film Studios as well as LGeorges Méliès' forays into cinematic effects, there was no turning back for the American Film Industry and what was to become known as the superbrand "Hollywood Cinema".

Today Hollywood Cinema defines the bulk of mass cinema viewed on an international level. Where most national cinema industries are limited to a local viewership, Hollywood Cinema's international distribution - and viewership - network has allowed it to permeate and become part of modern popular culture on a global scale.

Hollywood Cinema is, in fact, translated to local languages in countries like Japan and China to allow non-English speaking locals to enjoy the multi-million dollar extravaganza on the screen. This is testament to the power and popularity of Hollywood Cinema beyond national and cultural borders.

History of Film edit

  • 1895 - The Lumiére Brothers screened The Arrival of a Train at La Ciotat Station in Paris