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This portal page is a directory of Wikiversity participants and Wikiversity resources that are oriented towards supporting Wikiversity participants and Wikiversity communities. The origins of the page go back to 2004 when Wikiversity was organizing within the Wikibooks website. What the original page looked like can still be seen at Portal:Participants/Old. Another similar page was created in 2006 at Wikiversity:Participants.

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Have you ever tried to edit the Main Page or some other Wikiversity page and not seen an "edit this page" button? Some pages are protected so that only registered users are able to edit them. While Wikiversity participants can edit most pages without creating a user account, there are advantages to editing as a registered user. See Wikiversity:Why create an account. The Main Page has been a popular target for vandals who think it is funny to insert some offensive image into a wiki website. However, you are encouraged to help improve all Wikiversity pages including the Main Page. For help in editing the Main Page, see Wikiversity:Main page learning project.

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Wikiversity Jack is an "honorary participant" at Wikiversity. At Wikiversity learning can be fun and allow active learners to explore their personal learning goals in a rich education-oriented environment. Wikiversity Jack is a symbol for free and fun learning. The "WikiversityJack" image took the place of the Wikiversity logo for a short time during Halloween of 2006. Other "special" users can be found here.

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Wikimedian Demographics is a research project aimed at both understanding who contributes to Wikimedia projects (and why), as well as helping to allow the community's voice to be heard on subjects that affect its members.

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Did you know that the Wikimedia Foundation might switch from using the GFDL to using the similar Creative Commons atribution-sharealike license? See GFDL vs. CC.

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