Wikiversity:Why contribute to Wikiversity?

Why contribute to Wikiversity? Here are some possible answers to that question:

  • You can join with other people to pursue personal and collective learning goals.
  • If you create educational resources under a free licence (like the GFDL) then the resources, and the knowledge they contain, will be available for others to freely use for generations to come.
  • You can learn by doing in order to make the learning process more meaningful to you, and connected to your own experience.
  • You can start to make the learning experience more fun for yourself and others.
  • You can feel good about it.

Contributing to free public wikis is not only a benefit to humankind, but serves to refine a resource for personal use. A resource that has the best potential for the widest possible perspective, and which serves the best interests of humankind and scholarly learning.

Learning is a life-long process. Learners might want to study a curriculum but can't afford today's exhorbitant tuition at Universities. They might want to catch up on a subject they've already studied, or want to learn more on a subject because they want to expand their knowledge or decide to further study that subject in a more formal manner.

Being able to teach something to another person is a good indicator that you yourself understand the topic well. Teaching others will help you understand things in subjects by forcing you to change the way you understand things into another form, possibly bringing to your attention some unknown fact that you would not have known just by learning on your own.

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