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Wikiversity users frequently discuss proposed changes to our project policy; these may take the form of new proposals, amendments to existing policies or guidelines, or straw polls. These discussions generally take place on relevant talk pages. They may also occur at Wikiversity-Beta, on IRC, and on our mailing list.

The Colloquium provides a central area both for giving notice of discussions elsewhere and for debate itself. Despite regular archiving, these pages tend to grow rather lengthy. It's not always easy to know what issues are active.

The box template {{cent}} is a centralized list of ongoing policy discussions and polls. It is found on pages where such debate takes place and, of course, you may refer to it directly at any time. Editors maintain this list by adding ongoing discussions and polls and by periodically removing inactive issues.

Usage edit

  • This page is for explanation of the way in which we use {{cent}}.
  • Wikiversity talk:Centralized discussions is for discussion of this process only.
  • Template:Cent contains the actual box content of ongoing policy issues. It should be edited to stay current at all times.
  • Template talk:Cent contains technical documentation of the template as well as discussion of related technical issues.
  • You may create any page of the form Wikiversity talk:Centralized discussion/''Some topic'' if it does not appear that any particular existing talk page is the correct place for a policy-related discussion. Please note that there are a great many talk pages; a very large number of discussions are ongoing. Before creating yet another debate page, check to see that the topic is not already under discussion elsewhere. Search the project for keywords related to the topic in question.
  • Discussions are summarized at Wikiversity:Centralized discussion/Conclusions.

Cautions edit

Like any tool, this may be misused. Kindly exercise restraint, assume good faith, and allow process to take its course. Please don't add new policy ideas indiscriminately; trial balloons are better floated at Wikiversity:Colloquium. This template should be reserved for ongoing discussions. Remember, its usefulness is in inverse proportion to its size.

Before joining a debate, it might be wise to gather some background, especially on complex or long-standing issues. Please be courteous to your fellow editors and read existing discussion before adding your own comment. It's hoped that {{cent}} will contribute to the opening of policy debate and the broadening of consensus; but of course no good purpose is served by uninformed comment. Stay cool!

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