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Introduction to Displaying edit

Before entering a university supported education pathway, a self studying student must be able to approximate the required level of proficiency in the industry. Thus, to display work a student must be able to develop work in the industry. This can be done by developing a high standard in your student-to-professional collections. Many buyers and employers will review new collections. Displaying your collection and portfolio is the standard for discussion. Experience in the industry, gained as an undergraduate, is still useful in many media industries. Entering a university and industry supported education pathway also depends on your known efforts in the industry.

To display your developing abilities here will help Wikiversity advise on education pathways, and attest to your development. With community supporters, this can at least add a character reference to your resume.

Students' Pathways edit

The pitch:

If a person was seeking education and decided, at first glance, that Wikiversity was unfit for their chosen path. Is the person using the best tool for finding an education service? What you see is not what you get in education plans. Seeking valuable mentors and educators is a vital need for students who want to believe in what they do. By expressing your needs to a collaborative society you have more chances for success. A good way to express that need is through developing your personal plan and expectations at Wikiversity.

Wikiversity, the scratchpad for the future of university education!

Teacher entry:

Study Plan edit

How to add your plan
  1. Click edit
  2. Use the editable box of this page in edit
  3. Go to the last four-dash line ---- of the section you need
  4. Type ~~~~ and paste your plan for media technology study (don't write your name).
  5. Enter a new four-dash line ---- after your work
  6. Please add the following after your entry:<sub>* <small>[[Student_Portfolio#top|Top]]</small></sub>
  7. Click the show preview button from below the editable box (but before the box of clickable links)
  8. If everything is OK then click the Save-page button

Student entry:

Comments edit

Student entry:

Suggested Certification/qualification plan edit

Educator entry:

Student's Progress edit

Please create a user page to track progress and link it here. Earlier discussions should be then transferred over to your student-user page.

How to make your student-user page
  1. Click edit
  2. Use the editable box of this section in edit
  3. Go to student progress student entry point
  4. Type {{/student-user:your_username}}
  5. Click the show preview button from below the editable box (but before the box of clickable links)
  6. If {{/student-user:your_username}} is in red then save page
  7. Click the link that you have created.
  8. Type {{user|your-username}} and save page
  9. Note: when the user-page expands convert it to a wiki-link [[School:Media_Technology/passing/username]]

Student entry: