Web Design/Developing a Client Project

Once you feel that you're starting to feel more confident with your HTML/CSS skills (see Intermediate HTML and CSS), you might want to flex your muscles and create your first real client project! This will give you a real experience of the web design process - from project conception through to hand-over and beyond!

Web Design Developing a Client Project
This page is part of the Web Design project.

Module Aim edit

In this section we'll aim to discover the process of web design through a real client project. Specifically we'll aim to:

  • Determine the needs of our client and their users
  • Define our project.
  • Plan and budget our project.
  • Design the Information Architecture (the way the sites information will be organised) for the site.
  • Design basic visual prototypes for the site
  • Implement the site
  • Conduct user (usability + accessibility) testing

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Your learning resources edit

Books edit

  • Web Re-design 2.0 - The best way to learn a professional web-design process is to work with a professional web designer - but failing that, this great book written by professional webdesigners outlining the process that they use (together with the resources they use) is the next best thing!

=== Online tutorials === Are not available

  • Adobe have an excellent series stepping you through the information design process:
  1. Information Design - From Interview to Content
  2. Site Design - Site structure, navigation and usability.
  3. Page Design - Layout grids through to prototype.

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Online references edit

  • The Web Style Guide - The first chapter contains lots of info about the process of Web Design, including Information Architecture and defining your site.
  • WebDesign from Scratch - Lots of information about designing for your users, the tutorials demonstrate the process of putting "together a design that is appealing to use as well as to look at," covering some basic Information Architecture and Usability.

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