Web design qualifications

Can you demonstrate your skills in Web Design to gain a qualification? Learning more about the requirements of the qualification in your country may help you to focus your learning, gather evidence of your learning (or, if you are the facilitator of a Web Design course, it may help you plan your activities and assessments).

Web Design Web design qualifications
This page is part of the Web Design project.

Eventually you will find below a list of links to information about Web Design qualifications in different countries. At the moment there is only information about Web design qualifications in Australia.

See also Learning towards a qualification for tips and strategies on managing your learning and gathering evidence towards an official qualification.

What to expect for each qualification edit

Each qualification page will list all the units of competency that you require for the qualification (and possible electives) together with:

  • a link to the official Unit of Competency document (or your country's equivalent) so you can read the official document yourself!
  • a short description of how these skills will help you (just in case the official document hasn't motivated you to learn!)
  • user-contributed ideas for how you might demonstrate the required skills for each unit (you can verify these with your facilitator if you are learning as part of a formal course).
  • a link to an Evidence Sheet for each unit that you can use to document where you can demonstrate your skills.

Qualifications edit

Australia edit

United Kingdom edit

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