Web Design/Contribute to personal skill development and learning

This unit covers the skills and knowledge required to support own learning and skill development needs in the context of an organisation's goals and objectives.

Web Design Contribute to personal skill development and learning
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This competency can be viewed directly on the Australian National Training Information Service website:

The competency is outlined here together with ideas for demonstrating your competence as well as related modules where you can learn more skills relevant to this unit.

Performance Criteria edit

  1. Identify own learning needs for skill development
    1. Personal learning needs and skill gaps are self assessed
    2. Advice on learning needs is provided to relevant personnel
    3. Opportunities for undertaking personal skill development activities are identified and planned in liaison with work groups and relevant personnel
  2. Undertake personal skill development
    1. Appropriate opportunities provided by the workplace are identified
    2. Opportunities are identified to use appropriate new skills in workplace activities
    3. Coaching / mentoring advice is followed through in work activities
  3. Monitor learning effectiveness
    1. Feedback from individuals or colleagues is used to identify future learning opportunities
    2. Where a final assessment process is carried out, the outcomes are reviewed and further learning needs are identified.
    3. Suggestions for improving learning opportunities and assessment processes are provided to appropriate personnel

Ideas for demonstrating competence edit

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