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This page is part of the Web Design project.

Generating the questions for your Quiz Show edit

Creating questions on your own is hard, so it might be best to decide on small teams of two or three people for the quiz show, and then create your questions in your teams.

Each individual is to come up with 3 questions each using the resources below and the help of their team. After reviewing each question with your team, write it up on an individual piece of card (or paper) with your name at the bottom (so you won't be asked your own question!).

Headline text edit

Topics edit

The topics you choose from will depend on what you've been learning to-date. Below is an outline that you might want to choose from, but feel free to choose questions that are related to other experiences in your class that may not be related to web design (they might add some fun!)

  • html -
    • tags (e.g. which of the following is not a valid tag)
    • attributes
    • using tags meaningfully
    • validating
  • Clients
  • css
    • font choices
    • selectors
    • debugging
  • Documentation
  • Photoshop
  • javascript
    • events
    • functions
    • if-statements
    • debugging
  • Flash
  • php
  • Information Architecture
    • stake-holders in a project
    • how you can
  • Accessability and Usability
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • managing your time effectively

Types of questions edit

  • multiple-choice
    1. Which of the following HTML is incorrect: a) blah... b) ...
  • short-answer
    1. List 3 rules of XHTML, (for example, Every opening tag must have a corresponding closing tag).
    2. After coding your CSS, you test it in the browser and find that it looks wrong in IE. Describe a strategy for fixing your CSS (in outline, what are the first steps you would take?)
  • Problem solving
    1. How many errors can you find in the following piece of HTML?
  • True or False
  • Jeopardy (Give the answer, find the question)

Different types of rounds edit


  1. quick answer (as many questions in a minute)
  2. topic-based (ie. HTML round, CSS round)
  3. Charades
  4. Pictionery-type
  5. Listing
  6. Benefits and Disadvantages
  7. Other team picks the topic
  8. New Price is Right - style where the winner has to order a list of statements

Running your Quiz Show edit

  • Team competitions- like trivia nights
  • All compete against each other
  • Teams, with reps from each team answering for the team
  • Working as a whole group to achieve a goal or prize