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Tutorial 02: Wiki editing

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This is the second tutorial for the motivation and emotion unit of study.


This tutorial:

  1. teaches basic wiki editing skills

Basic skillsEdit

  1. Golden rule: be bold  
  2. Editing
    1. Edit (visual editor)
    2. Edit source (wikitext editor)
  3. User pages
  4. Text formatting: Bold, underline, italics
  5. Headings and table of contents
  6. Bullet-points and numbered lists
  7. Links:
    1. Internal
      1. Wikiversity
      2. Wikipedia
    2. External
  8. Figures

Next stepsEdit

  1. Sign up for (or negotiate) a book chapter topic
  2. Develop an initial chapter plan (topic development) consisting of:
    1. main headings
    2. bullet-points about key points for each section
  3. Check out these examples of topic development submissions which received 100%.


See alsoEdit

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External linksEdit

  1. Wikipedia editing basics (YouTube)