Motivation and emotion/Wikiversity/Figures


Figure X. An example image with an APA style caption, right justified and 150px in size.
  1. Image search options:
    1. Wikimedia Commons
      1. Search results might include:
        1. A page containing thumbnails of relevant images (e.g., Psychology
        2. A category containing links to sub-categories and thumbnails (e.g., Category:Emotions)
        3. A list of search results with thumbnails (e.g., worried)
      2. Wikimedia Commons can also be searched through the Visual Editor, Insert - Image - enter search text into the File name field.
    2. Google Images Advanced Search with license filtering (Creative Commons licenses) to identify free to use images (Tools - Usage rights)
    3. Creative Commons
  2. Embedding an image
    1. Edit a Wikiversity page and add insert an image using the Visual Editor (Edit - Insert - Media - File name). Adjust the:
      1. Caption
      2. Position
      3. Size
    2. Repeat for a second image
  3. Uploading to Wikimedia Commons
    1. Who is the copyright owner?
    2. What is the copyright license?
    3. If appropriate, upload images to Wiki Commons - how to video