Motivation and emotion/Lectures/Historical development and assessment skills

Lecture 02: Historical development and assessment skills
This is the second lecture for the motivation and emotion unit of study.

Overview edit

This lecture:

Take-home messages:

  • Motivation and emotion has evolved from grand theories to mini-theories which exhibit some common themes
  • A wiki is the simplest collaborative platform - anyone can edit to share knowledge

Outline edit

Motivation in historical perspective

  • Philosophical origins
  • Grand theories
  • Will
  • Instinct
  • Drive
  • Rise of mini-theories
  • Active nature of the person
  • Cognitive revolution
  • Socially relevant questions
  • Contemporary era
  • Reemergence of motivation study (1990s)
  • Brief history of emotion study

Assessment task skills

  • Topic selection
  • Topic development
  • Book chapter
  • Multimedia presenation
  • Quizzes

Assessment examples edit

See examples of high quality major project submissions for:

  1. Topic development
  2. Book chapter + Social contributions
  3. Multimedia presentation

Multimedia edit

Readings edit

  1. Chapter 02: Motivation in historical perspective (Reeve, 2018)
  2. Assessment
    1. Topic selection
    2. Topic development
    3. Book chapter
    4. Multimedia
    5. Quizzes
  3. Wikiversity skills
  4. Using generative AI

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