Motivation and emotion/Assessment/Selection

Topic selection - Guidelines
Topic selection


This optional, unweighted, early assessment exercise involves registering a Wikiversity account and signing up to a topic which will be used for the topic development book chapter, and multimedia presentation

No extensions or late submissions are available for this exercise. If you don't submit the topic selection, just move directly to the topic development.


  1. Weight: 0%
  2. Due: Week 03 Mon 9am 14 Aug 2023
  3. Register a Wikiversity account
  4. Sign up to a topic or propose a new topic
  5. Topics must be approved by the unit convener. Suitable topics are unique (i.e., aren't covered by previous book chapters) and related to either motivation or emotion.


Follow these general guidelines:

  1. Pre-approved topics are available (see the book chapter table of contents).
    1. To sign up, login to Wikiversity, go to the book chapter table of contents, edit the page, add your Wikiversity user name alongside a topic which does not already have an author, and publish the page.
    2. Conduct an initial literature search to scope out whether there is sufficient theory and research to satisfy the marking criteria. If not, propose a change to the topic by emailing the unit convener or sign up to a different topic.
  2. New topics can be proposed by emailing the unit convener these details:
    1. Title
    2. Sub-title (in the form of a question) - see examples
    3. Wikiversity user name
    4. Details of any related previous book chapter topics (check via this search box)
  3. Proposed changes and topics will be evaluated according to:
    1. Uniqueness: Topic must not covered by a previous motivation and motivation book chapter. Search before making a proposal. If there are similar previous topics, make clear how the proposed topic builds on, and differs from, previous work.
    2. Theme: Topic must fit the overarching book theme: to help people to understand and improve their motivational and emotional lives using psychological science.
    3. Scope: Is there enough theory and research to warrant a dedicated chapter? If the topic is too narrow, it may be difficult to satisfy the marking criteria.

Submission and feedbackEdit

  1. Submit via UCLearn.
  2. The unit convener will check your submission and provide feedback.

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