Motivation and emotion/Assessment/Selection

Topic selection - Guidelines
Select major project topic


  • Weight: 0% (ungraded early assessment exercise)
  • Due: Week 03 Mon 9am 14 Aug 2023
  • Create a Wikiversity account, sign up to a major project topic, and ask any clarifying questions
  • Follow the instructions

Marking and feedback

  • No marks will be provided for this exercise
  • Feedback will be provided to:
    • Approve topic selection
    • Respond to student questions
    • Provide suggestions etc.
  • Feedback will be available via UCLearn before the topic development due date
  • Follow up if you don't understand the feedback

Extensions and late submissions

  • No extensions or late submissions are accepted for this exercise
  • If you don't submit, sign up to an approved topic, and move on to the topic development exercise

Learning outcomes


How the learning outcomes are addressed by this assessment exercise:

Learning outcome Assessment task
Critically apply knowledge of motivation or emotion to an indepth understanding of a specific topic in this field. Select an appropriate, unique, specific motivation or emotion topic for the major project

Graduate attributes


How the graduate attributes are addressed by this assessment exercise:

Graduate attribute Assessment task
Be professional - communicate effectively Communicate by signing up to a topic, submitting for approval, and asking clarifying questions
Be professional - display initiative and drive, and use organisation skills to plan and manage workload Get organised by selecting a topic
Be a lifelong learner - evaluate and adopt new technology Create a Wikiversity account and make at least 1 edit by signing up to a topic



Create a Wikiversity account and sign up to a pre-approved major project topic in the book chapter table of contents or negotiate a new topic. This topic will be used for the topic development, book chapter, and multimedia presentation. Ask any clarifying questions.

  • Create a Wikiversity account
    • User names start with a capital letter
    • Can use real name, pseudonym, student number etc.
  • Sign up to a topic
    • Pre-approved topics are available via the book chapter table of contents)
      • How to sign up:
        • Click "Edit source" (or "Edit")
        • Replace User Name alongside the topic of interest with your Wikiversity user name
        • Click "Publish"
      • Conduct an initial literature search. If the topic is too broad or narrow, it may be difficult to satisfy the marking criteria
      • Pre-approved topics can be modified by emailing a revised title and sub-title to the unit convener
      • You can change topics by moving your username to a topic without an author
      • More topics will be added, but students are also encouraged to propose topics
    • New topics must be approved by the unit convener.
      • To get some ideas:
      • New topics must:
        • Be unique: Topic must not already be sufficiently covered by a previous motivation and motivation book chapter. Search before making a proposal. How does the proposed topic build on, or differ from, previous work?
        • Aligned with project theme: Topic must be related to related to motivation or emotion and fit the overarching book theme which is to help people to understand and improve their motivational and emotional lives using psychological science
        • Have sufficient scope: If the topic is too narrow, or if there is a lack of psychological theory and research, it will be difficult to satisfy the marking criteria
      • Propose a new topic by emailing the unit convener these details:
        • Title
        • Sub-title (in the form of a question) - see examples
        • Wikiversity user name
        • Details of any related previous book chapter topics (check via this search box)
  • Ask clarifying questions e.g.,
    • What questions could you ask to help you to successfully tackle the major project?

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