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Graduate attributes

This unit fosters these University of Canberra graduate attributes:

  1. Professional:
    1. communicate effectively;
    2. display initiative and drive, and use their organisation skills to plan and manage their workload;
    3. employ up-to-date and relevant knowledge and skills;
    4. use creativity, critical thinking, analysis and research skills to solve theoretical and real-world problems;
  2. Global citizen:
    1. adopt an informed and balanced approach across professional and international boundaries;
    2. communicate effectively in diverse cultural and social settings;
    3. make creative use of technology in their learning and professional lives;
  3. Lifelong learner:
    1. adapt to complexity, ambiguity and change by being flexible and keen to engage with new ideas;
    2. evaluate and adopt new technology.

The graduate attributes are mapped to the assessment items as shown in this table:

Category Attribute Topic dev. Book chap. Multimedia Quizzes
1. Professional Communicate effectively
1. Professional Display initiative and drive
1. Professional Knowledge and skills up-to-date
1. Professional Solve problems via thinking
2. Global citizen Informed and balanced
2. Global citizen Communicate diversely
2. Global citizen Creative use of technology
3. Lifelong learner Engage in new ideas
3. Lifelong learner Adopt new technology

Through this unit, many skills are likely to be developed which can be incorporated into resumes and professional portfolios such as:

  • Demonstrated ability to use professional knowledge to address applied psychological problems.
  • Confidence in written and verbal communication of ideas using collaborative, online platforms.
  • Capacity to learn new technologies for addressing novel problems.

If you don't feel confident declaring such skills by the end of the unit then they could be considered targets for further skill development (e.g., through internship).

Consider including your submissions for the unit's major project assessment items (i.e., the book chapter and multimedia) as work examples (artefacts) in your e-portfolio.