Learning from conflict and incivility

The purpose of this learning project is to reflect on a period of Wikiversity activity, which has been characterised by conflict, and sometimes incivility. This period commenced with the creation of a project on the ethical management of the English Wikipedia, and has continued to the time of creating this learning project (here). This project (here) has been instigated by Cormaggio in a post to the Colloquium diff thread, with the intention of maintaining a culture of scholarly activity in Wikiversity.

Aims of this project edit

This project aims to:

  • Create a space for reflection on individuals' actions on Wikiversity
  • Identify instances of conflict and incivility on Wikiversity
  • Analyse how, why and where these incidents arose; and their consequences
  • Develop a set of principles around what kinds of actions/behaviour are unproductive, and (possibly) unacceptable on Wikiversity
  • Develop a set of principles that would help Wikiversity participants deal productively with future conflict and incivility

Ground rules of this project edit

This project is intended to be a self-reflective one, in which we (participants) pledge to learn about ourselves, as much as we do to learn about the actions of others. Participants should endeavour to think about the consequences of their own actions - both past, and during this learning project. Robust and frank discussion is encouraged; however offensive comments are strongly discouraged. (It is, of course, one of the aims of this project to ascertain what kinds of comments can be offensive, and why!)

Methods and rationale edit

The learning in this project will hinge on the level of honesty of its participants. Any methods are "fair game", provided they offer an opportunity for honest, reflective and scholarly activity.

Self-narratives edit

I thought it might be an idea, as a start, to write a self-narrative about our own role in this period, and our thoughts and feelings about what has happened within this period. Please add a subpage (ie [[/Username]]) with your own narrative. From recent experience of the case studies in the ethics project, I think these should be deliberately personal (and self-reflective), and general discussion can take place either below the narratives, or on their talk pages. Cormaggio talk 10:53, 11 September 2008 (UTC)

It strikes me that many people who are interested in this project may not have been directly involved in the recent "drama", and might not see themselves as having a "role". I'll simply point out that a "lurker"/onlooker is a role - and that, even if you don't see yourself as having had a role, you are still most welcome to add your perspectives here. Cormaggio talk 14:24, 11 September 2008 (UTC)

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Other ideas for this project edit

Please add your own ideas for this project here, or on the talk page. Please feel free to be bold and shape this project in a way that furthers the aims of the project, within the ground rules of this project. (And of course, feel free to critique, discuss, and develop the aims, ground rules, and methodology of this project.)

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