Learning from conflict and incivility/Moulton

I do not reckon my experience with Centaur of Attention, Jim62sch, Salmon of Doubt, Mike.lifeguard, or KillerChihuahua as either good or bad. Rather I reckon it as vexing and perplexing. I have been studying, thinking about (and occasionally solving) challenging ethical conundrums ever since I was a teenager, when I first began studying them under the tutelage of Rabbi Myer S. Kripke. The ethical conundrums supplied here by Centaur of Attention, Salmon of Doubt, Mike.lifeguard, and KillerChihuahua are fascinating to me precisely because they are so bloody hard to solve. Most of their maneuvers here are frankly beyond my pay grade as a lifelong student of such conundrums. The whole point of the Ethics Project is to discover better ethical practices (enroute to best ethical practices) when challenged with ethical conundrums of the caliber that CofA, J62s SofD, M.l, and KC are wont to toss my way. So for me this is an educational experience at (or beyond) my own frontiers of learning, which is exactly what I seek as a learner in any subject of interest to me.