Learning civility

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Civility in life

  1. Are you an asshole? - Take the ARSE, an asshole self-rating exam
  2. Bad is stronger than good: Why good bosses eliminate the negative first (Bob Sutton, Sep 12, 2010)
  3. Responding to hostile emails from high conflict personalities (Psychology Today, Dec 2, 2010)

Civility on the internet

  1. Someone is wrong on the internet (xkcd, Duty Calls)
  2. Is Internet Civility an Oxymoron? (The Wall Street Journal)

Civility in wiki

  1. Wikiversity:Civility
  2. Wikipedia:Civility
  3. Category:User essays on civility
  4. Wikiversity studies: Learning from conflict and incivility
  5. Etiquette - Wikiversity:Etiquette
  6. Wikiversity:Respect people
  7. Wikiversity Course on Virtues: Civility


  1. "Civility costs nothing and buys everything." Lady Mary Wortley Montagu, 1689–1766
  2. "Judge man’s civility not by his compassion for his friends, but by his compassion for his enemies." - The Da Vinci Code, 2003
  3. "Civility: freedom from barbarity, kindness, politeness" (Samuel Johnston)[1]

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