Learning from conflict and incivility/Jolie

I am a learner who is exploring wikiversity as a community and a model of life-long learning.

I think I perfectly fit the description as an "lurker" or "onlooker". I am quite concerned about the possibility of incivility. I think fundmentally a community that allows such behavior is doomed to stagnation.

that said, some tolerance is important for any participant in an on-line forum. If I can easily gain membership and encouraged to say what I want; everyone else is too. while rude behavior is not acceptable it is understandable.

The community simply must be willing to define 'rude' and stick to that assesment. I am willing to let the community know when I feel someone has been incivil, and I will try to be tolerant in an open community to social styles that seem odd.--Jolie 16:48, 13 October 2008 (UTC)