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Introduction to film scoring
Create the sound of fear from a single note
Create other moods from a single note
Create the sound of joy using a delicate rhythm
Create other moods from delicate rhythms
Quiz: Music which tells a story
Create a mood with a melody
Create a story with a melody
Quiz: The Spy Story - Who is who?
DVD-Video: Scoring your first scene - The Promotion
Create four motifs - Mama, papa, baby, and Goldie
Create continuity with a single motif
Foreground / Background music - soft vs. loud
Quiz: Watch a short movie - George Lucas In Love You are here!
DVD-Video: What is a "Spotting Session"? - Only A Dream
DVD-Video: Write two musical cues for Home Wrecker
More musical theory
Butchering Midi - The starwars theme
DVD-Video: How would you score Green Tea Smoothie ?
DVD-Video: Write a film score for Blindman's Bluff
Write a film score for Seduced by the Dark Side!

Time to watch a movie!

The short movie called George Lucas In Love

This is a fun movie. You will really enjoy watching this movie. (If not, you are in the wrong class!)
A satire on both Star Wars and Shakespeare in Love.

Watch a movie with a narrative music

George Lucas In Love
Watch this wonderful movie. The movie uses music to narrate the story.
Click HERE to download this short movie from Google and take a look.

Music narrates the story

As you can see, it is the music which tells the story. All of the mood for this movie comes from the music. Amazing.

Read about this famous movie at Wikipedia.

The music of George Lucas In Love

Watch the movie and listen to the music. Almost all of the music narrates the story therefore, this music is narrative music.

  • Typing music (Traveling music)
This music introduces the movie, not just the fact that George Lucas is busy typing but the fact that this movie will be entertaining. This is like the opening paragraph of a book. It grabs the imagination of the audience and draws them into the story.

  • Arron's Introduction (Darth Vader)
In just five seconds, everyone knows clearly who Arron is and what the audience should feel about Arron. This music gives Arron the audience's full attention.

  • Arron's Script
In three seconds, we learn that Arron's script is powerful, almost magical.

  • Background music for Chibaka and Hal.
The music for the night club and the Dark Side

  • No Music - Professor
There is no music for the professor.
Notice how awkward the silence is after all that great music. That is the mood that is needed. Silence created it.

  • Mariam's Love Theme
The love theme starts when Miriam says, "Your George Lucas, right?". The music tells us all about Miriam in just a few short seconds.

  • Good Advise Music - "Write what you know."
Note that this music is turned down when Miriam says, "Just like bulls-eyeing Warmrats". Narrative music and dialog do not mix.

  • "You are my inspiration."
This is background music since it plays whey they are talking and the music does not interfere with the dialog.

  • Credits
This music says that the movie had a message and that you have just learned that message.
Note how the credit music is turned down for the dialog about Howard the Duck.

Your assignment

1. Download the movie.
Download HERE George Lucas In Love

2. Listen to the music
Look at the list of music cues. Follow along as you listen to them.

3. Answer these questions.
Yes, this is another pop quiz!
Please answer the questions to the right.

Answer these questions

Questions #1

  • Continuity example?
Select the best example of continuity. (What melody is played in different ways to create different moods while tying the two actions together?)
Tell Me Your Answer!. (1 point)

Questions #2

  • The Instructor's music?
When you listen to the Instructor (who sounds like Yoda), what music do you hear. (This is a trick question and the answer is totally obvious but I assume everyone will miss this.)
Tell Me Your Answer!. (1 point)

Questions #3

  • The Star Wars theme?
Is this the real Star Wars theme or only music which sounds like the Star Wars theme?
Tell Me Your Answer!. (1 point)

Questions #4

  • Who is in control?
Listen to the opening music. How does it end? Does it have a nice ending as the composer intended or did some idiot (the sound mixer guy) just turn the volume down?
Tell Me Your Answer!. (1 point)

Pop Quiz
Pop Quiz

1. The best example of musical continuity?
The best example of continuity is the love theme.
2. The music during the scene with George's teacher?
There is no music at all playing during his dialogue.
3. Is this the Star Wars theme?
The theme is just a sound-alike of the original Star Wars theme. It sounds less epic, yet keeps enough elements of the original piece to keep it recognizable while being different.
4. Who is in control of the music?
The sound mixer guy turned the music down.

1-Continuity example?
The love theme played in the start of film, in the theater scene and also in the "kiss" scene.
2-The Instructor's music?
No music in the Professor scene.
3-The Star Wars theme?
No. It's like an variation of the original theme.
4-Who is in control?
The music is perfect for me. But when the dialogue start the mixer guy turn down volume and kill the music.

To an exercises in film scoring using real scenes

The next page

Next, you will begin creating scores for a real scene. Write me for the loan of the disks.

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