WikiU Film School Point System

New policy
Before, the disks were free. Now we loan you the disks if you promise to return each disk in one month. (December 2007)

Editing Workshops from the Star Movie Shop

Disks available on loan
Now that the Star Movie Shop no longer sells these disks to the public, your instructor can loan you these disks once you have enough points (which means once you have completed the previous lessons.)
"Follow Dave" Editing Workshop CD
This disk is a complete introduction to editing a dramatic scene. This editing workshop disk was created 10 years ago so it works on older computers. The introductory movie explains all the theory of dramatic film editing in just 11 minutes. This disk is aimed at high school students so it is a bit dorky.
"24 Unedited Scenes" DVD-Data disk
This disk contains 24 unedited dramatic scenes from old and forgotten television dramas. The dailies are QuickTime movies which are 320 by 240 pixels at 24 frames per second. Half of the scenes on the disk are interesting. This disk is for film majors who need additional film editing practice. Also, this disk is for film students who want to see what happens during the filming of a dramatic scene. Download these two additional supplemental instruction pages for two of the scenes. Taking Notes - 1.0 MB & Morning Coffee - 0.5 MB (pdf)
"Hearing Voices"
A DVD-Video disk editing workshop containing short scene good for editing class demonstrations. Full size DV footage.
"Fireworks Display"
A DVD-Video disk editing workshop which covers all of the theory of "L-Cuts". This is extremely educational but a bit boring.
"Home Wrecker"
This is a technology demonstration which is used in the film scoring class. It has a really boring scene which needs music to explain what is happening and to make the scene come alive.
"Green Tea Smoothie
Two practice scenes in film scoring.

The loan system

Disks available for loan
Once you have earned enough points, I can loan you copies of their disks. After one month, you must return the disks. (Note: None of the disks is copy protected.)
The exception: For students in countries which require registered mail, I will send you a couple disks at a time therefore you have more time to complete the assignments.
Students, before I send you the necessary disks:
1. You must convince me that you are serious about learning film making, film editing, or film scoring. (Earning lots of points helps tremendously.)
2. You promise to return the disk in one month.
This is only a loan!!!!