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Interesting examples by FIREborn: Fear.ogg ---- Sad.ogg ---- Tired.ogg ---- Surprise.ogg ---- Joy.ogg ---- Fast like the wind.ogg.

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Introduction to film scoring
Create the sound of fear from a single note
Create other moods from a single note
Create the sound of joy using a delicate rhythm
Create other moods from delicate rhythms
Quiz: Music which tells a story
Create a mood with a melody You are here!
Create a story with a melody
Quiz: The Spy Story - Who is who?
DVD-Video: Scoring your first scene - The Promotion
Create four motifs - Mama, papa, baby, and Goldie
Create continuity with a single motif
Foreground / Background music - soft vs. loud
Quiz: Watch a short movie - George Lucas In Love
DVD-Video: What is a "Spotting Session"? - Only A Dream
DVD-Video: Write two musical cues for Home Wrecker
More musical theory
Butchering Midi - The starwars theme
DVD-Video: How would you score Green Tea Smoothie ?
DVD-Video: Write a film score for Blindman's Bluff
Write a film score for Seduced by the Dark Side!

Moods created from delicate rhythms

Your assignment - A mood

Devise a melody which creates a MOOD.
  • 2 points. Be sure to tell me what mood your melody creates.
At the beginnning of these lessons, you created a mood simply from the natural sound of the instrument.
Now you create a melody which tells a specific mood. Try to keep the melody very simple and short.
  • Suggestions: "tired", "sad", and "happy".

Less than 6 seconds!

Hold that thought!
How do you end the melody?
Do not just fade the melody.
Instead, hold the last note.
Remember the basics
Remember that you can play a single note or a delicate rhythm behind dialog. Those are the only two forms of music which will not conflict with the spoken words of the actors.
Therefore, if you hold the last note, it is almost like holding that thought while the actors begin their dialog. Then you can slowly fade the single note.
How long should the melody be?
How long should the melody be?
The melody has to be only as long as needed to create the mood or story. For a story, the melody can be just enough that the audience recognizes the melody.
That can be as short as two notes. You do not have to play the entire melody. Just create the hint.
Remember, this is supposed to be subtle.

Examples of a melody which create a mood for the course on film scoring for musicians

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Next is a fun pop quiz. You get to watch a movie and they make up stories. What fun! Creative pop quiz: The spy story - Deciding who is who?

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