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Interesting examples by FIREborn: Fear.ogg ---- Sad.ogg ---- Tired.ogg ---- Surprise.ogg ---- Joy.ogg ---- Fast like the wind.ogg.
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Narrative film production - Wikiversity Film School and School of Music - Wikiversity Film School
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Film scoring
The pages in the course is:
Introduction to film scoring
Create the sound of fear from a single note
Create other moods from a single note
Create the sound of joy using a delicate rhythm
Create other moods from delicate rhythms
Quiz: Music which tells a story
Create a mood with a melody
Create a story with a melody
Quiz: The Spy Story - Who is who?
DVD-Video: Scoring your first scene - The Promotion
Create four motifs - Mama, papa, baby, and Goldie
Create continuity with a single motif
Foreground / Background music - soft vs. loud
Quiz: Watch a short movie - George Lucas In Love
DVD-Video: What is a "Spotting Session"? - Only A Dream
DVD-Video: Write two musical cues for Home Wrecker
More musical theory
Butchering Midi - The starwars theme
DVD-Video: How would you score Green Tea Smoothie ?
DVD-Video: Write a film score for Blindman's Bluff You are here!
Write a film score for Seduced by the Dark Side!

Score a motion picture scene
Ordering the disk

Disk required for this lesson

Lesson requirements
Previously, students obtained disks from the Star Movie Shop. They no longer sell disks to the public.
I still have copies of these disks and I can loan the disks to you if you promise to return each disk in one month. (The disks are not copy protected.)
When you are ready, tell me that you want to borrow the disk called "Blindman's Bluff Production". clicking here
Earn points for the next lesson.
When you complete a film score for this scene and return the disk to me, you qualify to borrow the next disk.
Getting Started
If you need help setting up your program

There is a page which tells you how to set up GarageBand to do film scoring. If you have not done this before (with any program), go to How to score with GarageBand.

Write a film score

Use the long version of scene 1

  • Scene 1 - GOOD SCENE - The LONG version of SCENE #1 should be the most fun. This scene is typical motion picture for television.
  • Scene 2- NOT GOOD SCENE - The LONG version of SCENE 2 is NOT as interesting. Try it for practice but the really good scene is the long version of scene #1.

Which format?

For GarageBand, the Photo-JPEG version works best I think.
But if you want higher quality and you have a really fast computer, you can use a higher quality format.
Whatever works!!!! (You might need QuickTime Pro and movie player to convert the file to the format which works best with your music scoring program.)

Watch the motion picture

I think the title that it was released under was "The Trial of the Incredable Hulk". I think there was no money for a score so I think the music was just "cut and paste" from old "Incredible Hulk" movies and the TV show.

What to do?

The instructions for this scene are the same as for any motion picture. The only difference is this is a MELODRAMA so everything (specially your music) can be slightly exagerated.

The instructions

The audience is 15-year old kids from around the world. Most do not speak English.
Therefore, you must explain what is happening in the movie with your music.
You are the TRANSLATOR for this movie!!!!

Background: The story

This scene is a love story. The woman loves the man who is blind. The blind man has a secret (he is the Daredevil) so he is afraid to love the woman. The assistant tries hard but he keeps making mistakes because he is new.

The assignment

Turn off the sound. Watch the movie without hearing the dialog. Now explain everything that happens using your music. Then turn the sound back up.

Remember the Rules

1. Music with dialog
You can use single notes (or chords) or very delicate rhythms (no drums though) over dialog. When people are talking, these are the only two kinds of music you can use. Yes, this is very limiting. This is why people use the sounds of a symphony orchestra rather than a rock band. It is easy to create a wide variety of moods using single notes with instruments of the symphony orchestra.
2. Music without dialog
When no one is talking (when there is no dialog), you can do anything you want to explain what is happening to the audience. This includes using melodies which tell a story, and melodies which are a motiv to create continuity, etc.

How to get started

The first thing is to write a list of the major moods and actions in the scene.
Obviously, when the man is about to trip over the box, the mood is "danger".
And when the man holds the lady's hand and she blushes, the mood is "love".
What other moods are there?

Use motiv

If you wish, you can create melodies for each of the characters. These should be about 7 motes long or less.
If you use motiv, then the beginning music and the ending music must both contain the man's motiv.
The final exam

The last page

Next, you will create a score for an animatic. Exercise: Write a film score for Seduced by the Dark Side!

Contact your instructor

Your instructor for this course is Robert Elliott. You can send me a quick email by clicking here.

NOTE: To submit assignments
To submit assignments, attach your completed assignments to an email and send it to me at "r_elliott".