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Esperanto is a constructed language that was published in 1887 by L. L. Zamenhof with the intention for it to become the language of international communication. Although it has not yet achieved this ambitious goal, Esperanto is by far the most successful constructed language. It is much easier to learn than any typical natural language and learning it has a positive effect on learning more languages. This course aims to take the learner from the basics through all the intricacies of the language.

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  Completion status: Been started, but most of the work is still to be done.
16 Grammar Rules
Root chart
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  • Lesson 1   — Pronunciation, parts of speech, noun basics, article, a few personal pronouns, present tense
  • Lesson 2   — Pronunciation (repetition), adjective basics, verb basics, personal pronouns, introduction to affixes (mal-)
  • Lesson 3   — Adverbs, ĉu, the suffixes -n, -ulo and -ino, counting
  • Lesson 4   — Basic derivation
  • Lesson 5   — Imperatives, introduction to correlatives
  • Lesson 6   — Derivation with prepositions; Theme: Locations (incl. -ejo and -ujo), directions, and movement (incl. dis-)
  • Lesson 7   — Theme: Family (incl. bo-, ge-, pra-, vic-, and eks-)
  • Lesson 8   — Derivation using numerals
  • Lesson 9   — Advanced derivation; Theme: Time
  • Lesson 10   — Theme: Food
  • Lesson 11   — Theme: Home
  • Lesson 12   — Theme: The body
  • Lesson 13   — Theme: The history of Esperanto
  • Lesson 14   — Theme: Communication
  • Lesson 15   — Theme: Weather and geography
  • Lesson 16   — Theme: Work and occupations?

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  • 15 January 2014 — First lesson fully completed.
  • 21 December 2012 — First lesson launched!
  • 3 December, 2011 — This page is being cleaned up.
  • 11 December, 2006 — Department founded!

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