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Wikilang is a free languages resources project with the goal to document, record, share and teach all languages, including endangered and extinct languages. Wikiversity currently has resources on 89 different languages!

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Breton language

Breton is spoken in North-Western France and is one of the few surviving Celtic languages, which dominated Europe over 2000 years ago.

Mi'kmaq language

Mi'kmaq or Mi'gmaq, also called Micmac, is a language spoken by the Aboriginal nation of the same name in Eastern Canada and United States.

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Selected worldwide news about languages:
  • Livonian: The Finnic language Livonian died out as the last speaker, Grizelda Kristina, died at the age of 103.
  • Yurok: Down to only 6 speakers at one point, the Yurok language is now taught in Northern California schools. Now, over 300 people have at least a basic knowledge of Yurok. Los Angeles Times
  • Cromarty fishfolk: The last speaker of the Scots dialect named Cromarty fishfolk, Bobby Hogg, passed away in October 2012; with him died the dialect. CNN
  • Bo: The last speaker of the Bo language, Boa Sr, died in early February 2010, bringing with her a 65,000-year-old language to the grave. Mail Online
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