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Mi'kmaq / Mi'gmaq

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  • Endonym: Mi'kmawi'simk or Mi'gmawi'simg
  • Other names: Mi'gmaq, Micmac
  • Language family: Algic languages/Algonquian languages
  • Script(s): Latin alphabet (LTR)
  • ISO 639: mic
  • Language status: Threatened
  • Number of speakers: approx. 8,100
  • Regions: Eastern Canada (Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfounland and Labrador) and United States (Maine and Massachusetts)
  • Dialects: Restigouche/Listuguj (Quebec)
  • Majority language(s): English (mostly) and French (some)
  • English Wikipedia article about the language: Mi'kmaq language
  • Ethnologue page about the language: Micmac
  • Mi'kmaq Wikipedia in the Incubator
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