Learn Mi'kmaq language
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Chap. 1 :Introduction
Chap. 2 :Dialects
Chap. 3 :Orthographies and writing systems
Chap. 4 :Phonology
Chap. 5 :Grammar
Chap. 6 :Counting
Chap. 7 :Basic vocabulary
Chap. 8 :Greetings

Mi'kmaq or Mi'gmaq, also called Micmac, is a language spoken by the Aboriginal nation of the same name in Eastern Canada and United States. The language status is "threatened" with approximately 8,000 speakers. The majority language in Mi'kmaq's communities is English or French (in Quebec). The population of actual Mi'kmaq speakers is decreasing, most speakers being the elders of the communities. There is no monolingual Mi'kmaq speaker and Mi'kmaq is not the first language of the younger generations that speak Mi'kmaq.

This lesson will only cover the basics of the language.



The objectives of this lesson are:

  • Discover the basics of Mi'kmaq language
  • Understand the different dialects and orthographies used in Mi'kmaq
  • Learn some basic vocabulary in Mi'kmaq






Native speakers:

  • None.

Second language speakers:

  • None.

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