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Division news Edit

  • 22 October 2006 - Division founded!
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Multilingualism Practicum Edit

The Multilingualism Practicum began as a Multilingual worksheet which was simply a listing of popular languages and some rudimentary aspects of translation. As the page and its associated discussion grew, it became clear that the multilingual aspects of Wikiversity are very complex and could benefit from a holistic approach to the topic.

Multilingual Studies was formed to host a Practicum to organize a set of learning paths that span several schools and disciplines rooted in Foreign Language Learning, but designed to lead learners to a broad array of other fields of the Practical Arts and Sciences.

Collaborations Edit

The practicum includes many interdisciplinary studies across a broad spectrum. The Interlingual Beta Club was proposed to propogate the practicum's ideas and manage several inter-school collaborations:

Language and Literature Edit

Language and Literature - Find translations of some well-known literary works and present them on special pages for comparative study.

Suggested samples:

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Linguistics Edit

Linguistics - Study the mechanics of language comparing similarities and differences. Study and work on organizing Category:Languages and Language families.

Media Studies Edit

Media Studies - Work on multilingual versions of Wikiversity the Movie.

Develop audio and other media to aid in Foreign Language Learning.

Computer Science Edit

Computer Science - Get into Computational linguistics to learn about machine translation, Computer-assisted translation and other computer applications that help with translation, Foreign Language Learning and in sorting and understanding Languages and Language families.

Subdivisions and Departments Edit

Use the Template:Subdivision boilerplate and [[Topic:[Name of department]]] to start a subdivision.

Translation Taskforce Edit

The {{translators}} template is adaptation of m:Category:Translator's Templates. As you can see, it is quite scaled down at this time:

Wikiversity translators
Translation Dept. - Multilingual Studies
{{Translator deu-eng}}
{{Translator deu-spa}}
{{Translator eng-deu}}
{{Translator eng-spa}}
{{Translator spa-deu}}
{{Translator spa-eng}}

Planned comparative articles:

Active participants Edit

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