Welcome to the learning project CisLunarFreighter!

CisLunarFreighter is being produced by participants at Wikiversity to get direct hands on experience with game development. Using open source tools to the greatest extent possible, participants using a variety of resources will produce a stellar educational game.

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Project plan edit

In work in small pieces around Wikiversity learning trails. Perhaps a couple of entrepreneurs or other project leader types will tackle a draft schedule or work breakdown structure soon.

Task list

Goals edit

  • Have fun
  • Perform production tasks whilst learning
  • Learn from mistakes
  • Create multiple player interactivity
  • Create client/server applets for CisLunarFreighter as well as a standalone application
  • Create an interface to other games with compatible communication format, and/or setup multi-user co-residency (API?)

Project contents edit

Terran, Lunar, Asteroid, or Saturn Pirate Base
Mini Map Radar Overview, Cockpit Menu, Headsup Communicator

Game testing edit

There is a lot of ground work to be done before we get to game testing... this project is still in the planning phase.

This will have to be done by the developers until we get enough of a game up and running to attract alpha and beta player/testers.

We might get some help from other Wikiversity participants at other Wikiversity course participant's pages.

Game materials distribution edit

This has begun on an adhoc basis. Longterm we intend to setup a SourceForge project to backup and distribute at least the stable releases of the open source materials on demand 24/7.

Active participants edit

Participants willing to coordinate, consult and/or kibitz reqarding questions:

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External links edit

Creative materials edit

In this project we wish to use materials free as in beer as well as licensing so we have simple distribution to anyone who wishes to download from Sourceforge or receive source or executable from other sources.

Applicable tutorials edit

The following online tutorials demonstrate useful game programming techniques.