CisLunarFreighter/Terran spaceport

Terran Spaceport

Responsibilities edit

Generate cargo, loads and missions and provide an interesting background and graphics for each action/reaction/menu taken to plan and load the ship for its selected mission.

Collaborators edit

  • Mission/Cargo Generator
  • Background graphics
  • Foreground graphics
  • Click and drag graphics
  • Cargo Distribution Planner
  • Cargo Loading
Click and drag, perhaps interactive cargo distribution planner, maybe redundant with dist planner.
  • Request Launch Clearance Button
Transitions to and activates Lunar Lander style takeoff landing mini game from either overview or cockpit view.


  • Ship Designer
Tailor ship within means and physical possibilities.
  • Cargo Load Mission Generator
Click to list of available missions, loads, Selection takes back to spaceport dock.
  • Feuling
Connect all feul and oxygen lines correctly and achieve adequate mass and pressure within range.
  • Loading
Click and drag pallets and crates to spacecraft via crane/loader as or after they are delivered to dock staging area.
  • Takeoff
Transition to Lunar Lander Style sub game to orbit.