CisLunarFreighter/Game design

Game design edit

What do we want from the game? Preliminaries are In progress, please join in somewhere.

Configuration management edit

This needs some study and work defining useful methods. Many of our learners and participants have little or no experience with automated configuration management and tracking tools such as subversion, Ant or others.

Requirements edit

Fairly standard hardware will be required. The game will be able to run smoothly on older systems, and also be able to be flashy on high-end systems.

See also: Detailed requirements analysis CisLunarFreighter/Detailed_requirements_analysis

Gameplay requirements edit

An overview of major requirements:

  1. Entertaining - the game should be fun.
  2. Social - Interaction with other people via
    1. Chat - most mud environments allow this
    2. Email - useful or not?
    3. Game consequences - makes the game more interesting
  3. Educational - Players should learning something
    1. Expose users to some science, engineering, and operations concepts
    2. Math practice
    3. Reading around the web
    4. Use of open source tools for modification and extensibility
    5. Software design and coding techniques
See also: CisLunarFreighter Detailed Requirements Analysis

Storyboards and case studies for play scenarios edit

Please provide on Wikiversity or in open document format.

Brainstorming edit

In progress, please join in somewhere.