CisLunarFreighter/Spaceship designer

Component Name edit

Ship Designer

Description of Responsibilities edit

Provides ship configuration at beginning of mission or after repairs or inflight damage or modification. I.E. Take damage from opponents or flyover a hot spot with a bonus ... or a hot spot with change in cargo mass. Takes user or component input and provides updated configuration information to ship controller component.

Collaborators edit

  • Player Ship
Provide the current configuration and performance parameters
  • Component Set
A set of pre defined components and click and drag graphics
  • Component Editor?
The ability to create new components by importing graphics and assigning attributes and values to the component.
The ability to start with an existing component and modify graphics (export and import to pixel editor) or attribute values.
  • Pixel Editor

Spaceship components edit

This components can be integrated into and locked into ship designs using the editor. This list is probably not complete.

  • Life support systems (water could be stored outside in a frozen state, heated only when needed, recycle what we can)
  • Oxygen recycler
  • Propulsion mechanisms (Artificial Gravity Thruster)
  • Power/fuel generation (Artificial Gravity based - no fuel required)
  • Fuel/power storage
  • Thermal controls ( The ship could be put into a continuous roll to even out sun's energy, as earth does.)
  • Structural features (Double hull stainless steel design coated with truck bed liner inside and out)
  • Computer systems (Shielded Linux box with solid state hard drive's)
  • Communications (Microwaves)
  • Attitude control (Artificial Gravity Thruster)
  • Sensors (Radar, Lidar, etc. to prevent unexpected collisions with uncharted asteroids)
  • Extra cargo holds (Or similar extensions, if a modular design is chosen. Aerodynamics aren't needed in space, after all)
  • Heat radiators (Electric heat for everything including heating the hull)
  • Heat radiator fuel (if it just dumps out freon, for instance)
  • Radiation shielding (Lead, or maybe depleted uranium)(A heavy water based jel)

Non existant technologies for possible use edit

  • Warp drives
  • Artificial gravity (Will be the next huge technological leap. A solid theory/design exists today)
  • Shields (Star Trek style)( A very large Neo magnetic core)
  • Quantum entanglement module (Instantaneous communication)

Non-essential technologies for possible use edit

Is there going to be a combat component? If so:

  • Aggressive gefense mechanisms (preferrably more realistic than not -> missiles, lasers vs. phasers)
  • Hull repair robots (Nanites, perhaps?)
  • Escape mechanism (relevant even if there aren't any pirates, in case of malfunctions and such)

For an extended combat component:

  • more weapons! Things like railguns and coilguns have interesting physics components...
  • Sensor jammers, chaff (radar jamming)
  • Hacking? Some kind of attack on another ship's computer?

See: w:Spaceship