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Audacity lets you make loud music (and soft as well).

The Audacity (audio editor) is free, open source software for recording and editing sounds. It is available for download here for Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, GNU/Linux, and other operating systems.

What's it for?Edit

This is a Wikiversity learning resource placed here to help folks with:

Converting to OGG for Wikiversity
One of the most important uses for Audacity at Wikiversity is to convert WAV and AIFF files to OGG files.
Wikiversity only uploads OGG files. Attempts to upload other file formats gets a very vague error message so you must use a program like Audacity to do the conversion.
To do this, start a new page in Audacity. Then IMPORT your WAV or AIFF file. Trim and export to OGG. Very easy!


Getting startedEdit

Main menuEdit

The main menu of audacity contains:

  1. File – New, Open, Close, Save Project, Save Project As, Export... (8 export options), Page Setup, Print, Preferences, Exit
  2. Edit – Undo, Redo, ... Move Cursor, Snap to...
  3. View – Zoom In, Zoom Normal, Zoom Out, ... Float Mixer Toolbar, Float Meter Toolbar
  4. Project – Import Audio, Import Labels, ... Add Label at Playback Selection
  5. Generate – Silence, Tone, White Noise, ... Plugins 1 .. 32
  6. Effect – Amplify, BassBoost, ... Reverse, WahWah
  7. Analyse – Envelope Tracker, ... Peak Monitor
  8. Help – Online Help, About Audacity

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