Digital Puppet Animation

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This school is:
Wikiversity Film School - Narrative film production
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This course is:
The basics of narrtive film animation with digital puppets
Lessons in Digital Puppet Animation Course
Introduction: Introduction to digital puppets Crystal Clear app clock.svg
Lesson: Character animation with digital puppets Crystal Clear app clock.svg
Lesson: Scenery Generation Oxygen480-categories-applications-office.svg
Lesson: Compositing characters & scenery Oxygen480-categories-applications-office.svg
Lesson: Dialog recording Oxygen480-categories-applications-office.svg
Lesson: Film scoring Oxygen480-categories-applications-office.svg
Lesson: Film editing Oxygen480-categories-applications-office.svg

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Mostly free software

In this course, we will create a movie using Digital Puppets and a scenery generator.

For this course, I will recommend software which is free or very low cost. If you want to do more, contact me before you buy anything.

Basic requirements

  • DAZ Studio for character animation - free
  • Bryce 5.5 for scenery generation - free
  • AfterEffects (not free) for compositing

Crystal Clear app kfm home.png Introduction

This course: Digital Puppet Animation

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Digital Puppets (also know as Poser figures) is a unique form of 3D animation. We will use digital puppets to create a motion pictures based on everything you have learned so far.
To begin this class, you must have completed all the other courses. This is because you will need the animatic which you created in the course on Basic Filmmaking which relies on the editing course and the film scoring course.
Animation vs. Live Action
When you attend film school, you will learn all about live action filming. You will learn to work in a team and become a team player.
Therefore, for this course, you will work alone to create the entire motion picture by using digital actors on your personal computer.

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The first step will be to find the digital actors you want for your motion picture. This requires the same care as casting live action actors. You need to find the characters which help tell the story you want to tell.

When you select the characters, these characters will greatly shape the meaning of the motion picture.

Also the selection of the characters for your motion picture will decide what kind of voices you need for the characters.

As an example, look at the list of possible characters for this movie. See how each of the options gives a completely new feeling to the motion picture.

Digital Puppet magazine

For background information on Digital Puppets, download some of the old copies of this magazine.

The most current issue

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Download it here!

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Digital Puppet magazine cover N7.png