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Wikiversity staff are trusted users who volunteer to help maintain the site as curators, custodians, or bureaucrats. They would be happy to assist and answer any of your questions. Request assistance at request custodian action or contact someone directly.


A user who has rights to manage content on Wikiversity, such as the ability to delete, rollback, import from other wikis, and protect pages.
Known as administrators or sysops on other projects, these users have the same permissions as curators plus the ability to block other users and edit user interface text. See .
A user who has the same permissions as custodians plus the ability to promote other users to curator or custodian status and grant and revoke bot rights.
A user who have access to the CheckUser tool, used to investigate situations where a disruptive user may be using multiple accounts. See: Wikiversity:CheckUser policy. Currently has no members.
Bots are accounts used by other Wikiversity users to perform repetitive automated or semi-automated tasks such as fixing links, eliminating typos, changing categories, etc.

Support staff directory


Automatically-generated lists of current Wikiversity support staff:

This table provides Wikiversity support staff details. Staff who have been active in the last three months (as of March 2024, based on Special:Log actions) are shown in bold. Inactive staff members may not be available to provide assistance. Missing staff members should be added.

User Role Appointed Time Zone Babel Logs
Atcovi Custodian 02015-12-18December 18 2015 en, de-2 Atcovi
Bert Niehaus Curator 02017-08-22August 22 2017 de, en-3 Bert Niehaus
Cody naccarato Curator 02021-02-19February 19 2021 EST (UTC-5) en, it-2, es-1, ar-1 Cody naccarato
Cromium Curator 02017-04-25April 25 2017 Cromium
DannyS712 Custodian 02019-10-20October 20 2019 DannyS712
Dave Braunschweig Bureaucrat & Custodian 02013-09-04September 4 2013 CST (UTC-6) en Dave Braunschweig
Evolution and evolvability Custodian 02017-10-30October 30 2017 AEDT (UTC+11) en Evolution and evolvability
Eyoungstrom Curator 02022-07-24July 24 2022 EST (UTC-5) en Eyoungstrom
Greg at Higher Math Help Curator 02022-09-10September 10 2022 MT (UTC -7/-6) en, es-4 Greg at Higher Math Help
Guy vandegrift Bureaucrat & Custodian 02015-03-05March 5 2015 CST (UTC-6) en, ru-2 Guy vandegrift
Hasley Custodian 02019-11-08November 8 2019 UTC-4 es, en-3, ca-2, it-1, pt-1, gl-1 Hasley
Jtneill Bureaucrat & Custodian 02008-04-16April 16 2008 AEST (UTC+10:00) en Jtneill
Koavf Curator & Custodian 02016-10-21October 21 2016 Koavf
Lbeaumont Curator 02016-02-29February 29 2016 en Lbeaumont
MathXplore Curator & Custodian 02023-01-29January 29 2023 JST (UTC+9) en, ja MathXplore
Mu301 Bureaucrat & Custodian 02008-01-07January 7 2008 EST/EDT (UTC-5/-4) en Mu301



If you would like to help out as a curator or custodian on Wikiversity, please list yourself at Candidates for Custodianship. You are strongly advised to familiarise yourself with the maintenance page and Wikiversity policies, and to involve yourself with non-custodial maintenance tasks before you apply. There are lots of ways you can help Wikiversity without/before becoming a custodian. See Wikiversity:Catalyst for example.

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