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Educational level: this is a research resource.

The Wikiversity Law Review is a freely-licensed series of journal-style articles on the law. You can post any scholarly article, case note, or brief that you have written and it will be reviewed (although there is no timescale for this) and feedback provided. In the interim this series will be informal but the long-term aim is to transform it into a more formal peer-reviewed WikiJournal of Law in association with the WikiJournal project.

Legal scholarship can be completely objective, but commonly requires at least a conclusion which expresses an opinion. Please limit any editing of articles that you did not write, to general fixes and correcting gramatical errors because these articles are scholarly in nature, and many will contain some bias.

Potential articles in Category:Wikiversity Law Review

  1. Aboriginal will-making
  2. Australian Law/Bill of Rights
  3. Bideford Witch Trial
  4. Center for Corporate Auditing, Responsibility and Management policy Authoring/The Duty and Responsibility to Promote and Enforce the Right to Education
  5. David Watts, short papers
  6. Death penalty
  7. Educational Law & Ethics
  8. English Law/Short titles
  9. Media Ownership and Power
  10. Protection from Harassment Act 1997
  11. Should abortion be legal?
  12. Should animal testing be legal?
  13. Should cannabis be legal?
  14. Should capital punishment be legal?
  15. Should civilians be prohibited from owning firearms?
  16. Should same-sex marriage be legal?
  17. Should suicide be legal?
  18. Should voluntary euthanasia be legal?
  19. To what extent did Hitler and Mao subvert and manipulate the legal systems and processes of their countries to consolidate their own power?
  20. United Kingdom Law/Reform
  21. United Kingdom Law/Unnecessary Enactments
In Sub-Category:Owning the Intangible
  1. Owning the Intangible/CopyTube 2.0
  2. Owning the Intangible/IP vs. IP
  3. Owning the Intangible/Music Sampling
  4. Owning the Intangible/Originality
  5. Owning the Intangible/Patenting the Human Genome
  6. Owning the Intangible/Sharing Music
  7. Owning the Intangible/Sports Patents
  8. Owning the Intangible/Trademarks on Common Words
  9. Owning the Intangible/True Ownership

Suggested research questions

Please feel free to adopt one of these questions or add a new one.

Research ideas

  • The legal effects and impact of Brexit for the U.K. and the EU.
  • The repercussions of cuts to the UK legal aid budget.
  • The moral issues of tax havens as a legal tool for the wealthy.
  • ...