Media Ownership and Power

Who owns the media?


These resources are for some general background:

Case Study: WikiLeaks


Truth Teller Shifting Ethics of Journalism WIkileaks and the Future of Media Criminalisation of Dissent

Choose one of these essays to read, and write about:

Phone hacking


Using these three articles we introduced and compared what phone hacking is and how it works. Students can do a comparative analysis on the style and genre of the texts if you want. This is a simple article on how easy it is to hack phones today. This is a instructional document on how to do it. This is from the website of Dr. Tom O'Connor a professor of criminal justice. Interesting background for what is supposed to be allowed and what isn’t. I just used an extract from it. I used this clip to introduce the scandal of the case.

We spent some time discussing Murdock and his domination over the press. I got students to bring in articles/ info they found on press domination (we had already talked about it in class). Outfoxed, film on Murdock and Power This is the statement from Jude Law’s court case. I used this for the dictogloss exercise suggested by Angie’s course (where you read a sample of the text to them twice, they make notes and then in groups they try to re-write it in the style of). It seemed to go down really well.