Should civilians be prohibited from owning firearms?

Should civilians be prohibited from owning firearms?Edit

Firearms ownership by civilians is totally or partially allowed in several countries, and prohibited in some others[1]. Although there are people who only practices shooting for sport or to hunt for food, armed civilians often pose a serious threat to others. Should civilians be prohibited from owning firearms?

Arguments forEdit

  •   Argument for Countries like Australia and Japan have seen their crime rates drop significantly after enacting such a law, so firearms ownership should be prohibited.
    •   Objection In Australia, though crime involving a firearm dropped drastically, most crime did not. Murder and armed robbery rates in Australia increased slightly after its extensive buy-back program in 1997. Japan has never enacted comparable legislation. So, this argument does not support the idea of prohibition.
  •   Argument for Firearms enable people to more easily become murderers, kidnappers, and pose other threats.
    •   Objection As do many other useful tools. This is not a reason to prohibit civilian ownership of firearms in and of itself.
      •   Objection However, other useful tools do have more uses other than killing or threat. For example knives are used to cook and screwdrivers to build, while the end itself of firearms is to damage others. Excluded in this argument is the practice of shooting for sport or food.

Arguments againstEdit

  •   Argument against Civilians are no less justified in owning firearms than any military. Millions more people were killed in the Vietnam and Iraw war, but this is not an argument against having an armed military.
    •   Objection In fact, if military power is so abusive in most wars, it would be necessary to discuss whether armies should exist or not.
    •   Objection An army or even the police "needs" weapons in order to perform its duties, while civilians do not need weapons in their daily llife.
      •   Objection Millions of Ukranian citizens have left their country due to the war. Would this be the case if Ukrainian citizens were duly armed? They have relaxed gun control after the fact, but obviously it's better to be prepared in the first place.
  •   Argument against Firearms enable people to defend their home and family from murderers, kidnappers and other threats.
    •   Objection In a civilized country, guaranteeing the physical integrity of its inhabitants should be in the hands of the State and not of each individual.
  •   Argument against The constitution of the United States includes firearms ownership because its creators understood that putting too much power into too few people (the military) generally does not sustain a just and democratic governement. Likewise, a monopoly on the use of force will nearly always be abused. In essence, civilian gun ownership results in a more uniform distribution of power among individuals in any given nation.
  •   Argument against Firearms enable civilians to defend themselves from their own government, if it ever turns into a police state.
    •   Objection Non-violent resistance can be as effective as violent resistance, and less lethal.
      •   Objection Non-violent resistance is preferable if it works, but the use of force is the basis of authority.
    •   Objection Household weapons are no real defense against an organized police state backed by the army.
      •   Objection The point is not waging a war of attrition against the entire military, but having the means to hold our government accountable, deter them from abusing their power, and being able to defend ourselves in the event the state is either unwilling or unable to do so at any given point in time. This isn't to suggest that anyone should resort to violence, but that firearms are an effective deterrent against various abuses.
  •   Argument against A complete ban on civilians owning firearms goes far beyond what is required to achieve a decent reduction of killing by them. One only needs to follow the model of those European countries where firearms are not banned but rather much more regulated than in the United States.

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