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From UNIT-E.CC: "We are a small, artist-owned record label with a goal of promoting artists which use Free Software or licence their music in such a way that creative use of the work is still possible after is out of the artists hands. Our goal is also to educate artists to use tools that allow this freedom and which are not locked down with restrictive user agreements. In addition, we also build tools which empower artists to do this."

UNIT-E as a learning/teaching community edit

The UNIT-E community is focused on several music genres and the use of Free Audio Software in its productions. All of the music is licenced using Creative Commons licensing and free production tools such as Audacity and Hydrogen drums. This educational unit is here to provide resources and a knowledge-base for Audio Engineering and to provide leadership in the area of Music Production and to explore the possibility of Jamming Online.

Concept Guides edit

This is intended to be a section with step-by-step guides covering how-to do certain processes, in basic, especially as using the tools listed, but also as applies to the concepts in general as applies to any software/hardware.

Recording edit

Need multiple subsections, a general overview tutorial covering basic concepts, and individual guidelines on types of instruments, vocals, etc.

  • Vocals
  • Instrument

Synthesis edit

  • Additive
  • Subtractive
  • FM

Need general concept overview, guidelines on each of the major types of synthesis, then software & hardware specifics, covering how to take the concepts and put them into practice using specific real world examples.

Production edit

Need pages covering mixing via hardware and software, concepts of mastering, mix downs. important concepts such as Nyquist Frequency, Aliasing, etc.

UNIT-E toolbox edit

please stay tuned for further developments

Audio Pipeline edit

  • Linux
  • ALSA
  • JACK
  • QJackCtl

Recording/DAW edit

Midi Sequencers edit

  • MusE Sequencer
  • Rosegarden
  • Seq24
  • Lmms

Effects Processing edit

  • Jack-Rack
  • DSSI

Music Generation/Synthesis edit

  • ZynAddSubFX
  • Hydrogen (drum machine)
  • SpiralSynthModular
  • Om

+ Pure Data

UNIT-E Rountable edit

The UNIT-E Roundtable is an idea for a call-in show on Wiki Campus Radio for adding another dimension to UNIT-E outreach to the Internet Public. This is all still in the "pre-alfa" stage (planning and brainstorming)

UNIT-E Playlist edit


  • {{UNIT-E}} master playlist template
  • {{unit-e}} "now playing" (dynamic template)

Participants edit